Call for Participation in the 25th Razi Medical Sciences Research Festival

Holding Date : 28 December 2019
End Date : 28 December 2019
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Call for Participation in the 25th Razi Medical Sciences Research Festival

Founded in 1995, the Razi Festival aims at recognizing and encouraging creative and innovative research and scientific activities among Iranian faculty members and researchers working in medical fields inside and outside the country.


This festival is named after one of the greatest Iranian scientists, Mohammad Zakariya Razi, who was an outstanding physician, chemist and philosopher, and lived in the ninth century.


The 21st Razi Medical Sciences Research Festival is held in January 2020 and two groups are welcomed to send their works for evaluation to the Festival:


1. Researchers in Health Area:

  • Iranian researchers residing inside and outside the country (with H index of at least 12)
  •  Young researchers and students (with H index of at least 8)
  •  Inventions and innovators
  • Researchers with Prominent Research

2. Universities, Research Centers and Institutions

  • Medical Sciences Universities
  • Accredited Research Centers
  • Student Research Committees of Medical Sciences Universities
  • Accredited Medical Sciences Journals,
  • Technology Development Centers recognized by Medical Sciences universities in Iran approved by the Medical Universities
  • NGOs, Companies, Institutions, Charities and Scientific Associations Supporting Medical Research


Add the following dates to your calendar and visit the festival website to find out if you are eligible to take part in the biggest health event in the country.

Registration: From July 6, 2019

Deadline for work submission: October 22, 2019

Contact information:  Tel: 81455191, 81455417, Email: