How I Treat Hematologic Malignancies?

Course Description:

This program will focus on a single disease, or on one or more distinct aspect of a single hematologic disorder. The series offers diagnostic and therapeutic advices based on best available evidence and robust clinical experience and provides basic knowledge that relates to clinical situations and focuses on the content, which medical students, residents, fellows and faculty members need to know about patients’ treatment. Sessions will be held and presented by highly knowledgeable Iranian-American and/or Iranian-Canadian physicians and scientists in the North America.

Course Objectives:

  • Providing diagnostic and therapeutic advices based on strong evidence and longstanding clinical experience
  • Case presentations by expert lecturers
  • Polling from the audience for each case
  • Q & A with the speakers

Why join the programs and study online?

To provide a fantastic educational opportunity for Iranian hematologists to collaborate and share their experiences with and learn from Iranian-American and/or Iranian-Canadian expert physicians and scientists in the field of hematology from the North America.

What are the aims of the program?

  1. Focus on treatment of a single disease
  2. To get familiar with the last updated therapeutic options
  3. How to evaluate and approach difficult cases
  4. Discuss and have question and answer sessions with the experts in the field

What are the learning outcomes (What will a student learn)?

  1. To Learn from experienced international physicians in different subspecialties
  2. To get familiar with the latest up to date treatments in hematologic disorders
  3. To discuss management of challenging cases

What type of value/benefit will you receive?

  • You will share the latest knowledge and experiences in diagnosis of hematologic disorders
  • You will updated with the pioneering therapeutic advances in the field of hematology
  • You can benefit from challenging case discussions

What are the ambitious goals of this course and what are the metrics to measure success?

To provide a unique opportunity for residents, fellows and faculty members to learn from and share experience with Iranian-American and/or Iranian-Canadian expert physicians and scientists in the North America who have exquisite knowledge and reputation in their academic career. Case presentations will be accompanied with polling from the audience which helps us to get feedback about how much they participate and learn from the speakers.

Who are the most important audience?

This program is specially designed for hematologists and hematology fellows


Certificate of participation will be awarded to the attendees with more than half of the time presence.

The person in charge:

Marjan Yaghmaie


Phone:  +989124876097

Research Institute for Oncology, Hematology and Cell Therapy

TitleDateTime (GMT)

Acute Leukemia?; Hematopathology

Mar. 0903:30 PM

Acute GVHD: Prevention and Treatment

Apr. 2402:30 PM

Multiple Myeloma

May 2802:00 PM

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Jun. 1203:00 PM

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Jun. 2603:00 PM

Chronic GVHD and Transplant Late Effects

Jul. 1003:00 PM

Conditioning Regimens & Donor Sources for Allogeneic Transplants

Jul. 2403:00 PM

High-Grade B and T Cell Lymphomas

Aug. 1403:00 PM

Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Aug. 2102:30 PM

CAR-T for Hematologic Malignancies

Sep. 2103:00 PM

Hodgkin Lymphomas

Oct. 0203:00 PM

Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Nov. 1304:00 PM

How I Treat Hematologic Malignancies Series: