Community Oral Health Journal Clubs


This program focuses on impressive papers recently published in the field of Community Oral Health (COH). The series offer invaluable online meetings and discussions on the hot topics in COH, and provides new ideas related to the challenging oral health problems. It focuses on interesting subjects for all dental professionals.


The journal club takes usually 50-80 minutes. The agenda of Journal club is as follows:

  • Introducing meeting members

  • Introducing the target journal

  • Introducing the author(s)

  • Presenting the findings of the study

  • Discussion and critical appraisal of the findings

  • Discussion and critical appraisal of the methods

  • General discussion and conclusion

Why to join the journal club?

To provide a unique educational opportunity for all dental professionals, and to collaborate and share their experiences with each other.

What are the learning outcomes (What will attendees learn)?

To learn from experienced international researchers.

To get familiar with the latest up to date Community Oral Health research works.

To discuss epidemiological aspects of oral health.

Who are the most relevant audience?

This program is specially designed for undergraduate dental students, Community Oral Health PhD candidates, Chief Dental Officers, oral health policy-makers, dentists and all dental faculty members.


Certificate of participation will be awarded (on request) to the attendees with more than half of the time presence.

Community Oral Health Journal Clubs