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Program Description: 

Physical Therapy (PT) is a clinical and dynamic profession that presents many opportunities to promote health and provide rehabilitation through clinical practice, education and critical inquiry. The PhD program in PT focuses on research and educational subjects. It provides the academic and clinical opportunities for individuals to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the ethically and professionally competent practice. 

The Physical Therapy program at Ph D level focuses on research. It additionally offers taught courses and prepares students for clinical practice. As such, the PhD (PT) program is divided into two sections: a 2-year, full-time taught course section with 21 credits and a 2-year research-based section with a 24 credit research course for the Ph D dissertation. The students must complete all taught courses in the first two years (four semesters) and pass a comprehensive exam before entering the research-based section. The student is awarded a PhD (PT) degree after successfully defending her/his dissertation. 

The graduates will be able to offer numerous services to the health system. The services include prevention and management of pain and treatment of physical impairments and disabilities, which can be achieved by designing a treatment plan and using different modalities, therapeutic exercises, manual therapies and other related techniques.

The main objective of the PT doctoral program is to prepare critical thinkers and independent researchers so as to further expand the knowledge base of the physical therapy profession. Through an integrated approach, students will enhance their capacities to critically review scientific literature, formulate questions, devise hypotheses, and test those hypotheses using valid and reliable research designs. Also, the graduates, trained as leaders in Physical Therapy, will be proficient in the areas of research, supervision, management, consultation, promotion of health, prevention of dysfunction and provision of care, based on the latest information in the physical therapy filed.



Specific Competencies and Skills

The PT graduates will be able to take educational responsibilities, conduct research and offer expert consulting services related to Physical Therapy. At the end of the program learners will be competent in the following skills:

  • In education:
    • Contributing in teaching Physical Therapy to students of various fields according to the university needs.
    • Establishing a plan for professional development and lifelong learning
  • In research:
    • Designing, implementing and evaluating basic and applied research in various contexts of the related fields
    • Utilizing research to support practice
  • In consulting services:
    • Offering leadership roles in prevention and health maintenance programs and rehabilitation services
    • Preventing and managing pain, physical impairments and disabilities
  • In clinical services:
    • Being able to diagnose and treat impairments or disabilities of the clients. o Improving and maintaining functional independence and physical performance of the client
    • Ensuring availability, accessibility, and excellence in the delivery of physiotherapy services to patients/clients across the life span;


Admission Requirements

General Requirement: To apply for this program, you will need to fulfill a number of requirements, which can be found in the Graduate Admission Requirements.

Specific Requiremetns:  Holding a master's degree (M.Sc) in physical therapy received in Iran or abroad

The eligible candidate should have successfully completed an approved related Degree program and should be proficient in English or Persian.

Admission Deadline

Tehran University of Medical Sciences has a rolling application system and reviews student applications all year round.

However, the deadline for the September intake is June 31.

Education Fees and Yearly Expenses

For complete and comprehensive information about fees and expenses, please refer to the Education Fees and Yearly Expenses section.

Duration: 4.5 years


Courses and number of credits:


Prerequisite courses:                11 credits

Special Courses:                           10 credits

Thesis:                                          24 credits

Total:                                            45 credits

Program Curriculum

For access to overall structure of the course Click Here.

For more information, please download the Program Curriculum of  Physical Therapy

Contact Information:

In case of any inquiries, you can contact the Office of International representative of the Department of Physical Therapy Tehran University of Medical Sciences through the following:

Contact Person:  Dr. Azadeh Shadmehr

Tel.:  ( 98 21) 77528498

Email  :


Address: Department, Rehabilitation Faculty, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Pitch-e-Shemiran, Enghelab Ave.,Tehran, Iran

To contact the Office of International Admissions, please use the following information:

Tel.: (+98 21) 8890 2090-93, Ext.: 169


Address: No. 21, Dameshgh St., Vali-e Asr Ave., Tehran 1416753955, Iran

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