SchoolSchool of Medicine
DepartmentDepartment of Laryngology

Program Description:

With the advent of different specialized and subspecialized fields in medicine in recent years, several subspecialties in ear, nose and throat field and head and neck surgery field have been defined. One of these fellowships is laryngology. A tangible requirement that mandated addressing this fellowship in a more specialized way was the need to educate people with greater clinical skills to further diagnose and treat patients with higher risks. Therefore a committee for development of laryngology curriculum formulated the present curriculum after investigating curricula indifferent universities and obtaining the experts' opinions. 


This fellowship is a subset of Ear, Nose & throat specialty, and the graduates will be able to provide services for prevention, diagnosis, more accurate treatment and promotion of research in larynx diseases in addition to their specialized competencies


1-To train up-to-date, competent and committed specialists who provide the society with their knowledge and skills to provide prevention, education, and therapeutic-diagnostic services in the field of laryngology fellowship.

2-It is expected to reach international standards in the field of laryngology fellowship education in the next 10 years and hold the top ranking in the Middle East. It is also expected to compete with the top countries in the region in terms of quality of the services and science production.


Expected Competencies at the End of the Program

General Competencies*

Specific Competencies and Skills

Procedural skills (diagnostic-therapeutic measures):

Direct laryngoscopy

Rigid and flexible bronchoscopy

Streroboscopy and sound analysis

Endoscopic techniques of the modification of laryngotracheal stenosis

Laryngotracheal reconstruction techniques

Phonosurgery techniques

Laryngeal cancer surgery methods (endoscopic and open techniques)

Voice rehabilitation methods after laryngectomy

Laser techniques of laryngeal surgery

Surgical treatment of chronic aspiration and dysphagia Laryngeal injection

Admission Requirements

General Requirement: To apply for this program, you will need to fulfill a number of requirements, which can be found in the Graduate Admission Requirements.

Specific Requiremetns:  Holding an M.D. or M.B.B.S. degree. Having and approved specialty in Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck surgery (ENT) received in Iran or abroad.


The eligible candidate should have successfully completed an approved related Degree program and should be proficient in English or Persian.

Admission Deadline

Tehran University of Medical Sciences has a rolling application system and reviews student applications all year round.

However, the deadline for the September intake is June 31.

Education Fees and Yearly Expenses

For complete and comprehensive information about fees and expenses, please refer to the Education Fees and Yearly Expenses section.



Duration: 12 months.



Program Curriculum

For more information, please download the Program Curriculum of Laryngology

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