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DepartmentDepartment of Educational Technology in Medical Sciences
DegreeM.Sc. (Master of Science).

Program Description:

Educational technology is an interdisciplinary subject drawing on the findings of various fields including cognitive sciences, meta-cognition, information and communication technology, education, assessment, educational programming, and curriculum planning. It evolved after 1900 through five processes of tools, educational materials, lesson systems, educational systems, and social systems. Reputable international universities such as Bloomsburg University, University of Colorado, Queens University, Michigan state, and University of British Columbia, all offer educational technology which is presented through more or less different programs. 

In Iran, it was first established at the BSc level in 1974. Now, there are graduates up to the level of professional doctorate

Educational technology in medical sciences is one of the interdisciplinary fields comprising of approaches and instructions solving medical educational problems including educational designing, administration, and assessment through research findings. Students of this field acquiring educational principles and designing models and medical educational programs through available technologies not only connect with experts on different medical courses but they also facilitate the process of knowledge transfer by applying latest findings in educational technology and presenting them to both the general and academic audience. Educational technology in medical sciences aims at educating graduates through assessment and screening of competent candidates enabling them to develop, introduce, and apply modern educational technology through appealing to suitable research and recognizing educational grounds especially at state medical science universities. Thus, they can provide developing grounds for presenting educational materials in state medical science universities


Expected Competencies at the End of the Program

General Competencies*

Specific Competencies and Skills

  • Assessing the needs for educational technologies
  • Evaluating educational resources and materials
  • Applying educational technology approaches and skills to medical science education
  • Designing educational materials and media including computer-assisted learning programs, familiarizing the faculty with the principles of programming languages, with virtual and simulating programs, designing educational programs based on computer games, designing Patient Management Problem programs, designing network-oriented programs and weblogs, simulated patients and educational mannequin and models
  • Running and managing Videoconferencing programs and CCTV cameras
  • Familiarizing faculty with educational modeling concepts
  • Designing clinical and nonclinical centers


Admission Requirements

General Requirement: To apply for this program, you will need to fulfill a number of requirements, which can be found in the Graduate Admission Requirements.

Specific Requiremetns: All Bachelor and Master Degrees in Medical Sciences , Bachelor of Educational Technology, Bachelor of Management and Educational Planning, Bachelor of Educational Planning, Bachelor of Curriculum Planning, Master of Medical Education, Master of e-Learning in Medical Education, Master of Health Education, Master of Health Information Technology, Master of Medical Informatics, Master of Medical Engineering, Master of Health and Media, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD.), Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S)

The eligible candidate should have successfully completed an approved general physician program and should be proficient in English or Persian.

Admission Deadline

Tehran University of Medical Sciences has a rolling application system and reviews student applications all year round.

However, the deadline for the September intake is June 31.

Education Fees and Yearly Expenses

For complete and comprehensive information about fees and expenses, please refer to the Education Fees and Yearly Expenses section.


Duration: 2.5 years

Courses and number of credits:

Compensatory:                          9 credits

Special Courses:                          29  credits

Electives                                  2 credits

Thesis:                                          4 credits

Total:                                            44 credits

Program Curriculum

For more information, please download the Program Curriculum of Educational Technology in Medical Sciences


Contact Information:

In case of any inquiries, you can contact the Office of International representative of the Department of Educational Technology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences through the following:

Contact Person: : Dr. Mitra Gharib

Tel.:  (+98 21) 42036001

Email  : -

Address: No. 2, Dolatshahi Alley., Naderi St., Keshavarz Blvd, Tehran, Iran   

To contact the Office of International Admissions, please use the following information:

Tel.: (+98 21) 8890 2090-93, Ext.: 168


Address: No. 21, Dameshgh St., Vali-e Asr Ave., Tehran 1416753955, Iran



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