Medical Physics

SchoolSchool of Medicine
DepartmentDepartment of Medical Physics
DegreeM.Sc. (Master of Science).

Program Description: 

Medical physics has long played an important role in improving health .The discovery of X-rays in the late 19th century followed by the use of other ionizing and non-ionizing radiations or the innovation and development of imaging and radiotherapy methods are some examples of this important role. At present, medicine is increasingly relying on medical physics.

The Master of Science degree in medical physics is a postgraduate program with an emphasis on physics and technology. It uses physical techniques and principles in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Nowadays, medical physics is divided into different specialties, the main ones being radiotherapy, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, dosimetry, radiation protection and radiobiology, as well as other subjects such as biomechanics, bioelectricity, optics and laser.  


The main objective of this program is to:

  1. familiarize the students with different medical physics specialties for diagnosis and therapy of diseases.
  2. create an ability in graduates to gain knowledge in medical physics independently.  
  3. disseminate the knowledge of medical physics
  4. improve the healthcare, diagnosis and therapeutic methods in medicine.

provide a series of educational, research and therapeutic services using the latest scientific principles and methods


Admission Requirements

General Requirement: To apply for this program, you will need to fulfill a number of requirements, which can be found in the Graduate Admission Requirements.

Specific Requiremetns:  Holding a Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Physics, Radiology technology, Biophysics, Radiotherapy technology, Nuclear medicine technology, Medical engineering, Nuclear engineering(medical radiation sciences field), Physiotherapy or Laboratory sciences. received in Iran or abroad

The eligible candidate should have successfully completed an approved related Degree program and should be proficient in English or Persian.

Admission Deadline

Tehran University of Medical Sciences has a rolling application system and reviews student applications all year round.

However, the deadline for the September intake is June 31.

Education Fees and Yearly Expenses

For complete and comprehensive information about fees and expenses, please refer to the Education Fees and Yearly Expenses section.

Courses and number of credits:


Prerequisite courses:                7 credits (conditional)

Special Courses:                           19 credits

Thesis:                                          6 credits

Total:                                            32 credits

Program Curriculum

For more information, please download the Program Curriculum of Medical Physics

Contact Information:

In case of any inquiries, you can contact the Office of International representative of the Department of Medical Physics Tehran University of Medical Sciences through the following:

Contact Person: : Dr. Hamidreza Saligheh Rad

Tel.:  ( 9821) 664053255

Email  :


Address: Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Sina Campus - Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran 1417613151, Iran

To contact the Office of International Admissions, please use the following information:

Tel.: (+98 21) 8890 2090-93, Ext.: 169


Address: No. 21, Dameshgh St., Vali-e Asr Ave., Tehran 1416753955, Iran

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