Establishing a Centre of Excellence and Master’s Program of Global Health in Iran

Professor Amirhossein Takian, Chair of the Department of Global Health and Public Policy at TUMS and Professor Anja Krumeich of the University of Maastricht (UM) department of Health, Ethics and Society and, attended in a virtual interview on 23 July 2020. In the interview, the two academics discussed about the INPACT project and importance of establishing Global Health Study Programs in Iran.

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Army Marching in Imam Khomeini Hospital

The commander of the Army Guard Unit, his deputies and a group of personnel in that unit came to Imam Khomeini Hospital as a sign of appreciation for the efforts of the hospital staff in serving more than 25,000 patients suspected of having Coronavirus during the last four months.

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The Last Day of the Symposium-Webinar on “Internationalization of Higher Education During the Coronavirus Crisis” Was Held, Focusing on the Educational Challenges of Medical Sciences in Post-Covid-19 and the New Normal Condition

The Symposium-Webinar on Internationalization of Higher Education During the Coronavirus Crisis” ended with three panels simultaneously, focusing on the educational challenges of medicine and physiotherapy, dentistry and health-related programs in Post-Covid-19 and the New Normal Condition.

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