Current Students


You are a student today, an alumna/us tomorrow. We want you to know about the opportunities offered to you in all these roles. To help ensure a smooth transition from student to alumna/us, the international alumni office offers programs and opportunities to engage and connect with TUMS. 

Don’t wait until after graduation to be a part of international TUMS Alumni. Take advantage of the great services we offer while you are still a student!

The international TUMS alumni office offers current students a number of excellent ways to connect with the office. All current international TUMS students are eligible to join us.

Benefits include:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Priority registration for events
  • Eligibility to apply to the student ambassadors

Click here to register online. Once you register, you are a member of the TUMS Alumni until you graduate and become a lifelong member of the alumni office.





International Alumni  


Last Update At : 23 November 2019