About Partners

Aiming at addressing global health (GH) needs in Iran as well as the countries of West Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean for GH Education and Research region through expanding GH education and funded by the European Union, INPACT has been formed to establish a master's degree in GH and a Center of Excellence (CoE) in Iran.

“INPACT” stands for IraN European PArtnership for Capacity-building and Teaching in GH and consists of TUMS, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, and National Institute of Health Research from Iran and Maastricht University, Heidelberg University Hospital and Tampere University from Europe. Through partnership and collaboration, INPACT aims at training efficient human resources and promoting core concepts of GH.

Partner Organisations Involved

Leading Partners

  1. Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Iran
  2. Maastricht University (UM), Netherlands

Iranian Partners

  1. National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
  2. Kerman University of Medical Sciences (KUMS)

European Partners

  1. University of Tampere (UTA), Finland
  2. Heidelberg University, Germany (HU)

Leading Partners

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

(Iran coordinator)


Prof. Amirhossein Takian, Principal Investigator (PI)

Prof. Reza Majdzadeh, PI

Dr. Tania Azadi, Coordinator


Prof. Ali Akbari Sari, Main Researcher (MR)

Prof. Saharnaz Nedjat, MR

Prof. Simin Nasseri, MR

Dr. Elham Shakibazadeh, MR

Maastricht University

(Europe coordinator)


Prof. Anja Krumeich, PI

Dr. Remco van de Pas, Co-Investigator (COI)

Preeti Sushama, Coordinator


Dr. Agnes Meershoek, MR

Dr. Nynke de Jong, MR

Prof. Melissa Siegel, MR

Prof. Pim Martens, MR

Dr. Maud Huynen, MR

Kyra Kramer – Strykers, MR

Iranian Partners

Kerman University of Medical Sciences


Prof. Aliakbar Haghdoost, PI

Prof. Mohammad Reza Baneshi, MR

Prof. Hamid Sharifi, MR

Dr. Farzaneh Zolala, MR

Dr. Afshin Sarafinejad, MR

National Institute of Health Research


Prof. Ali Akbarisari, PI

Dr. Reza Olyaeemanesh, COI

Dr. Elham Ehsani, MR

Dr. Zhaleh Abdi, MR

European Partners


Heidelberg University


Prof. Albretch Jahn, COI

Prof. Olaf Müller, MR

Prof. Dr. Olaf Horstick, MR

Babak Moazen, MR


Tampere University


Prof. Meri Koivusalo, COI

Dr. Salla Atkins, MR

Dr. Mikko Perkiö, MR

INPACT Coordination Team

INPACT coordination team provides leadership, support and coordination among partner institutes in the areas of the project work packages implementation and ensures the successful delivery of the project.

Maastricht University is the prinicipal applicant for the E+ program. The project is co-coordinated between Maastricht University and TUMS, respectively managing the project implementation by the European and the Iranian partners. Each workpackage is co-coordinated by one European and one Iranian partner organisation working in couples on its execution. 

A steering committee formed by the project partners, including cooperation with european and local associate partners and advisory members, oversees the program and the quality of its implementation.  

Iran Coordination:

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

- Prof. Amirhossein Takian


- Dr. Tania Azadi


Europe Coordination:

Maastricht University

- Prof. Anja Krumeich


- Dr. Remco van de Pas


- Preeti Sushama