Work Package 2

Work Package 2 (WP2) addresses course development, recruitment and establishment of global hub. In fact, it is the implementation phase of the project.

In this phase, actual courses will be piloted; its quality being tested and content adjusted in relation to a continuous monitoring and evaluation scheme as outlined in E2. Within Iran institutional permission will be sought to have the new courses being properly recognized. This should be well possible given that the ministry of health and medical education are integrated, which facilitates the validation courses in the domain of global health given the close connection between the universities, and research centers.

The involvement of field stations managed will facilitate students and teachers to conduct fieldwork and practice-based learning to address actual problems and health challenges faced in communities via participatory action research and people centered educational approaches. In the end, (part of) the material developed will also have to be translated into Persian to be able to use them more broadly by other HEI's in Iran. However, as the educational approach and development of the center has a regional outlook, there is also a requirement to exchange with partners in the neighboring countries and see whether there could be room for cooperation, mobility of staff and students transnationally within the Western Asia region as many of the challenges require international collaboration. There is hence also a need to involve WHO-EURO and other multilateral institutions in the development of courses addressing global health professionals.

II. Development and implementation (Course development, recruitment and establishment of global hub)

2.1. Selection of  area experts / faculty / trainers

2.2. Develop a virtual learning platform

2.3. Collaboratively develop curricula and course material for degree programs, based on needs assessment, situational analysis and existing curricula

2.4. Prepare training curriculum for educators in Global Health (ToT)

2.5. Run 2 ToTs courses (to deliver a course, to develop a course) 

2.6. Purchase and installment of necessary infrastructure and equipment

2.7. Piloting specific module through workshops 

2.8. Obtaining permissions to run the course and have student enrollment started

2.9. Prepare field stations to be integrated in course curriculum

2.10. Student and educators field trips (Chabahar) - 1 -2 weeks

2.11. Translate course materials [Persian to English to Persian]

2.12. Refresher course for trainers

1. Training manual for educators in Global Health (GH)20-Oct21-Mar
2. (Refresher) training for educators20-Oct3/4/2021
3. Two pilot courses in GH per HEI20-Oct6/7/2021
4. Post graduate GH Program21-Apr22-Sep
5. Virtual learning platform21-Apr22-Sep
6. Field stations to be integrated in course curriculum21-Apr22-Sep
7. Center of Excellence in GH20-Jul22-Nov