Is a calcium hydroxide liner necessary in the treatment of deep caries lesions? A systematic review and meta-analysis

The 3rd TUMS Endodontics Online Journal Club

  Adriana Fernandes da Silva is a Dental Surgeon, Master in Dentistry from the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel). PhD in Oral and Dental Biology from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and Post-doctor from the University of Michigan (USA) in the area of ​​Tissue Engineering, working on metabolic routes, proteins and scaffolds. Associate Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry at UFPel and permanent professor in the consolidated Postgraduate Program in Dentistry at UFPel, working in the disciplines of Dental Clinic and Tissue Engineering. Member of the Biomaterials Development and Control Center (CDC-Bio) and the Cell Culture and Molecular Biology Laboratory (NCT-BIO), both at UFPel. Operates in the areas of cellular and molecular biology research, biomedical engineering and development of new biomaterials. Member of the directory of the research group Tissue Engineering, biocompatibility and investigation of bioactive materials which aims to characterize the biological effects of new materials applied to the engineering of organs and tissues with bone scaffolds and scaffolds for dental pulp engineering; investigate the biocompatibility of new materials, including nanostructured composite materials, polymeric materials and develop new drug delivery systems and morphogenic factors applied to tissue engineering strategies.
Member also of the Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Dentistry of UFPel. She is a scientific and technological initiation supervisor, master's, doctorate in the areas of Dental Materials and Oral Biology and Dental Clinic.


Wellington Luiz De Oliveira da Rosa: He is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Restorative Dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry (UFPel). He holds a PhD in Dentistry in the field of Dental Materials from the Postgraduate Program in Dentistry (PPGO, UFPel / RS), a Master in Dentistry in the Dentistry area (PPGO, UFPel / RS) and a specialist (MBA) in Strategic Business Management ( UFPel / RS). He works in the areas of cellular and molecular biology and biomedical engineering, focusing on therapies for the dentin-pulp complex, growth factors and stem cells. He also works in the areas of intellectual property (patents, technological prospection, technology transfer), and in clinical trials and systematic reviews with meta-analysis.  




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