Interferonopathies with a Special Aspect on Rare Proteasomopathies: CANDLE/PRAAS

The 6th How I Treat Autoinflammatory Disorders Course

Dr. Elke Krüger

Chair of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University Medicine Greifswald, Germany



Dr. Elke Krüger is a full professor of medical biochemistry and molecular biology. She got her PHD in microbiology from University Medicine Griefswald. She is the director of the institute of medical biochemistry and molecular biology, University Medicine Griefswald, Germany. Dr. Krüger has been chair of the faculty MD/PHD and PHD program and elected member of the faculty board of the  University Medicine Griefswald. Her main research interest is Proteostasis control by the Ubiquitin Proteasome system, and she has many publications in this area.

Dr. Maryam Nourizadeh

Assistant Professor in the Immunology, Asthma and Allergy Research Institute (IAARI), Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Iran



Dr. Kosar Asnaashari

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Children’s Medical Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran



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How I Treat Autoinflammatory Disorders