Information Management Systems in Nursing

This course has finished, but you can participate in the virtual re-run here:


Dr. Khatereh Seylani


Dr. Asieh Darvish


Dr. Nasrin Rasoulzadeh, Dr. Fatemeh Bahramnezhad


Dr. Marisa L. Wilson


Interim Department Chair: Family, Community and Health Systems
Health Systems Leadership Pathway Director
Specialty Track Coordinator, MSN Nursing Informatics
Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA


Dr. Melody Rose


DNP of Nursing Informatics, MSc of Nursing Informatics, 
Adjunct Professor at Franklin University, USA
With publications on informatics for nurses and healthcare professionals


Dr. Tania Azadi

PhD, MSc, BSc

PhD in Health Information Management, Health Informationist and Lecturer of Health Informatics Courses

Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran


Introduction of the Program:

This is a short course designed to enhance your knowledge about the application of informatics and systems to improve nursing care outcome.

Course Description:

It includes 8 hours lectures in 4 week and 8-hours self-study in 4 week.

Why join this program and study online?

If you want to know why nurses should be empowered on nursing informatics, attend this program.

Completion of this program will be considered equal to one-credit of a Master degree in Nursing Informatics online program for future applicant of NI Master of Science at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

What are the learning outcomes (What will a student learn)?

  • Examine basic concepts of artificial intelligence.

  • Evaluate data issues related to the outcomes of analysis

  • Identify issues that must be considered when planning to integrate artificial intelligence in nursing practice

  • Describe informatics as a subject matter for all nurses and a nursing specialty

  • Consider the impact of the competency gap on clinical care and critical decision making

  • Compare the AACN Domain 8 Informatics Competencies and the ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing Informatics Practice

  • Define Concept of Information Management System

  • Describe Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • Identify the Role of Nurses in the Design and Development of Information Systems

  • Describe elements of Informatics Tools and Clinical Systems 

  • Consider the impact of Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) on the quality of nursing care

What are the ambitious goals of this short course and what are the metrics to measure?

Introduction of concepts, key points and factors affecting the success of implementing Information Systems in nursing.

Metrics: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) pre-test and post-test; Open-ended questions

Who are the most important target groups?

A) Nurses

B) Medical sciences related students

What are the details of the academic target?

Prospective students and graduated in BSc, MSc and PhD of Nursing

Health related programs graduated with some nursing background and medical sciences related field and other students graduated at least in BSc, who are interested


Certificate of Participation will be granted to participants with minimum 3-session attendance.

The certificate of completion can be adapted as a credit toward your path to acquire M.Sc. of Nursing Informatics.

LecturerTitleDateTime (GMT)Time (IRST)
Dr. Marisa Wilson

Artificial Intelligence – Nursing Leadership Considerations

Saturday, May 1514:30-16:3019:00-21:00
Dr. Marisa Wilson

Re-Envisioned Informatics Essential Competencies for all Nurses

Saturday, May 2214:30-16:3019:00-21:00
Dr. Tania Azadi

Nurses' Role in Technology Selection, Design and Implementation

Saturday, May 2914:30-16:3019:00-21:00
Dr. Melody Rose

Clinical Information Systems in Nursing, (Part1, Part2)

Saturday, June 1214:30-16:3019:00-21:00

Day 1: Saturday, 15.05.2021



Day 2: Saturday, 22.05.2021



Day 3: Saturday, 29.05.2021



Day 4: Saturday, 12.06.2021



Contact Information:

Tehran University of Medical Sciences                                                        

School of Nursing & Midwifery                                                                   

Department of Medical Surgical Nursing & Basic Sciences