Medical Electives (Clinical Rotations/Internships)


We welcome elective medical students from other universities. This is a great opportunity to come and learn alongside TUMS medical students and enjoy the academic and social opportunities that TUMS has to offer. Available departments are listed below. Placements are arranged in 16 TUMS teaching hospitals.



The School aims to provide an environment in which students and staff excel academically.

The School aims to foster diversity and enable students’ potential to be realized through providing options for study and research at a world-class level in clinical practice, biomedical science, and medical humanities.

The School aims to ensure that students acquire the essential knowledge, clinical skills and attitudes to become and remain competent and caring doctors.

In addition to providing vocational training, the school aims to promote critical thinking skills, scientific enquiry and creativity so that its graduates will contribute to innovation and leadership in clinical medicine and biomedical science.

The School aims to sustain a vigorous, open and integrated community of students and teachers in which the curriculum is continually refined and the quality of teaching is enhanced.


Program's NameLocation
AnesthesiologySchool of Medicine
CardiologySchool of Medicine
DermatologySchool of Medicine
Emergency MedicineSchool of Medicine
ENTSchool of Medicine
Family MedicineSchool of Medicine
Forensic MedicineSchool of Medicine
General SurgerySchool of Medicine
GeriatricsSchool of Medicine
Infectious DiseasesSchool of Medicine
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