Italian Books


TMUS International College is proud to offer Italian Training Courses and attempt to increase learners’ knowledge especially in communication. The courses involved four skills (Listening, reading, writing, and speaking).  The most important goal of these courses resulted in better communication and speaking skills, meanwhile being familiar with culture and idiomatic expressions are considered too.

The main teaching material of these courses is the Espresso course books

Espresso is the first authentic "Made in Italy" Italian language course designed for interested students. The innovative method is based on an entertaining and communicative approach: *authentic language *real, non-stereotypical situations *motivating and stimulating teaching activities *clear and comprehensive grammar section *culture sections full of information on contemporary Italy and the Italians * up-to-date and interesting topics for foreign students. The main goal of these courses is to help the learners of beginner levels stay in the correct path and not lose enthusiasm for learning a foreign language, to ensure the learners of elementary and intermediate levels improve as efficiently as possible and their progress to higher levels is facilitated and to present best teachings in advanced levels to complete students’ knowledge of French language and ensure their success in international exams.