Spanish Books


TMUS International College is proud to offer Spanish Training Courses and attempt to increase learners’ knowledge especially in communication. The courses involved four skills (Listening, reading, writing, and speaking).  The most important goal of these courses resulted in better communication and speaking skills, meanwhile being familiar with culture and idiomatic expressions are considered too.

The main teaching material of these courses is the Nuevo PRISMA books. nuevo Prisma is a Spanish course structured in six levels that follows a communicative, action-oriented and student-centered approach, in order to promote the learning of the language for communication in Spanish inside and outside the classroom. This course represents an evolution of Prisma, with the updating of activities, texts and themes, and a renewed graphic design. In addition, it incorporates new interactive and multimedia tools that add a plus to the process of teaching / learning Spanish both inside and outside the classroom.

 Distribution of content according to the recommendations of the CEFR and in accordance with the contents of the PCIC. New texts and updated activities. Activities specified with the Sensations label, which work on the affective component as a strategy to motivate learning and reduce student anxiety. Clear and accessible grammar reflection for the student with activities that make the student participate actively in their acquisition. nuevo Prisma proposes the learning of grammar as one more ingredient that must be at the service of communication, an instrument that allows us to achieve the communicative objective set. Sequences of activities focused on cooperative work so that students work together to achieve the tasks optimizing their own learning and that of the other members of the group.