Arabic Books


TMUS International College is proud to offer Arabic training courses and provide all those interested in learning this language with high-quality education.

Arabic courses last a total of 6-10 semesters. The main training material of these courses is the book Sadi-Alhayat which includes a language learner's book, a practice book, a teacher's guide, an audio tape or CD, and some teaching aids, an attempt has been made to consider the Arabic language in terms of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. To be taught in an attractive format and tailored to the practical needs. In addition; a booklet provided by TMUS International college’s experienced and highly qualified trainers is taught as study guide. The classes are held either through a two sessions per week schedule (90-minute sessions). The main goal of these courses is to help the learners of beginner levels stay in the correct path and not lose enthusiasm for learning a foreign language, to ensure the learners of elementary and intermediate levels improve as efficiently as possible and their progress to higher levels is facilitated and to present best teachings in advanced levels to complete students’ knowledge of Arabic language and ensure their success in international exams.