French Books


TMUS International College is proud to offer French training courses and provide all those interested in learning this language with high-quality education.

The main training material of French courses is the Saison course books from the well-known editor, Didier FLE. Each book has 8 units with 4 lessons and comes with a workbook, a study guide and an audio CD. The book of each level is also considered the best material for preparation for DELF language qualification exam of the same level. The classes are held either through a two sessions per week schedule (90-minute sessions). The series is based on the competency levels defined by the CEFRL (A1-B2) and follows a communicative approach, guaranteed to get you speaking in no time! Grammar and vocabulary revision summaries at the end of each chapter also highlight the essential points to remember. Furthermore, Saison offers a short evaluation at the end of each chapter in line with the requirements for the DELF examination.

Students will benefit from:

  • full-colour textbook which includes appendices on vocabulary, verb conjugation tables, grammar notes and transcriptions of all audio files
  • full-colour activity book with additional exercises for further learning
  • Two CDs (one with the textbook and one with the activity book) containing a variety of real-life dialogues and exercises to practice oral comprehension
  • Access to an online component offering hundreds of additional activities for independent learning as well as a dashboard to track your progress.

French Courses Syllabus(Sisson1)

French Courses Syllabus(Sisson2)