Dr. Rasul Dinarvand


The manager of the Cooperation Office of the University, Industry and Society in 2002-2003–

Dr. Rasul Dinarvand


The most important development activities carried out in 2002

*          The establishment of an office for collaboration and coordination between the university and the industry

*          The Formation of University Cooperation Strategic Committee.

*          Providing guidance to implement research projects related to the industry

*          The agreement to set up the incubator centers.

*          The agreement with the Drug Control Agency and the Deputy of Food and Drug


The most important developmental activities carried out in 2003

*          Developing a research collaboration regulation with other institutions

*          Preparing guidelines for establishing research development centers

*          Allocating credit to the scientific poles

*          The Establishment of University Medical Supplies Development Center

*          The agreement with the Health Ministry

*             Signed 69 contracts industry – related project