Prof. Mohamadreza Monazzam-2015

Director of Technology Development and Communication with Industry 2013-Curren

Prof. Mohamadreza Monazzam


Important developmental activities carried out in 2015

*        Reviewing the executive regulations on industry-related projects

*         Style Sheets for evaluating industry-related projects

*         Creating a dedicated revenue account with the industry plans

*         Signed memorandum of understanding with:

-Vice President of Social Justice and Prevention of Judicial Crime

- Pars Khodro Automotive Group

*         First Health Technology Conference

*         Signed 104 contacts with industry (industry – related project)

*         Expert panel on quantitative and qualitative solutions to industry-related project

*         Conference on Health Technology and Market Technology

*         Workshop on industry-related project submission process

 - First Conference on Health Technology and Technology Market