Prof. Mohamadreza Monazzam-2017

Director of Technology Development and Communication with Industry 2013-Curren

Prof. Mohamadreza Monazzam


Important developmental activities carried out in 2017

* Developing a strategic plan

* Forming and holding working group meetings:

-           Consultative clinical studies

-           Projects accredited from the 1% (article 56 of the Accession Law)

-           Assess the attraction of funds of university units

-           Industrial sabbatical leaves

-           Formulation of executive guidelines for environmental councils

* Delegation of environmental councils to three academic units (School of Health, Nutrition Sciences and Diet and Environmental Research Institute)

* Developing a grant style sheet for research-based industry

* Recalling and reviewing of grant’s documentation and archives related to the research industry

* Developing a clinical guideline for industry research projects

* Setting up and following the process of agreements:

-           Memorandums of Understanding with Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute

-           Memorandums of Understanding with Occupational Sleep Research Center and Seif Asia Company

* Conducting a workshop on familiarization with the process of industry-related project (the retraining license)

* Analysis of entrepreneurship Status of faculty members of TUMS.

* Planning to introduce industry-related activities to university units

* Schedule visiting colleges to get acquainted with technology development management and industry communication

* Signed 108 contacts with industry (industry – related project)