Prof. Mohamadreza Monazzam-2018

Director of Technology Development and Communication with Industry 2013-Curren

Prof. Mohamadreza Monazzam


Important developmental activities carried out in 2018


*          Developing guidelines for sabbatical leaves in research and industrial centers in Iran

*          Delegation of Environmental Councils to three academic units:

- Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

- Institute of Neuroscience

- Center for Education and Research of Skin Diseases and Leprosy

*          Planning to evaluate the quality of the franchises delegated to Environmental Councils

*          Developing guidelines for the evaluation of resource recruitment activities and communication with the College industry

*          Meeting, correspondence, and tariff approval follow-up with industry service project

*          Report of accredited projects from 1% (Article 56 of the Accession Law)

*          Targeting credits - collecting credits taken by university units

*          College visit program to get acquainted with The Technology Development and University Relations with Industry management

*          Recall and review of Grant related documentation related to research industry

*          Setting up and following the process of agreements:

*          Memorandums of Understanding with Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute

*          Memorandum of Understanding of Occupational Sleep Research Center and Seif Asia Company Developing the Grant Stylesheet The first private sector research industry outline

*          Developing a workflow to oversee industry-related project

*          Organize designs from one percent