About the Department



A Brief History and Activities


The Department of Foreign Languages of the University started its activities under the name of "University Language Center" in 1991, and in the meeting of the University Educational Council dated Dec. 18, 1993, teaching all English language courses in different levels were officially delegated to this Center. In the above-mentioned meeting, it was also approved that a placement test be administered for all of the newly admitted students to place students in different classes and also provide prerequisite classes to students who lack the minimum level required for taking the General English Courses.

In 2019, TUMS Language Center and TUMS International College merged together, and Department of Foreign Leagues was established in College. This Department is currently based in the TUMS International College, located on Hijab Street, Tehran.

The directors of the Department of Foreign Languages have been:

  • Dr. Ahmad Sabouri (Head of Language Center, 1991-2002)
  • Dr. Abolghasem Jazayeri (Head of Language Center, 2002-2005)
  • Dr. Ahmad Reza Farzanehnejad (Head of Language Center, 2005-2013)
  • Dr. Mohammad Jafar Kandi (Head of Language Center, 2013-2019)
  • Dr. Enayat A. Shabani (Head of Department of Foreign Languages, 2019- Present)




Summary of Department of Foreign Languages’ activities


  • Placing all newly admitted students across five levels, comprising around 1200 students per year
  • Teaching different English language courses to more than 3000 students during each academic year
  • Organizing, updating, and providing courses syllabi, holding centralized end-of-semester exams (conducted entirely electronically recently), centralized monitoring of the quality of English language classes, and evaluation of all classes during the semester in terms of the quality of teaching, and the formation of virtual specialized working groups to ensure the quality of education during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Preparation and development of centralized written end-of-semester exams by the special test-development working group
  • Organizing regular and weekly meetings in Department of Foreign Languages and reviewing current issues concerning students and professors
  • Designing and revising the syllabi for all English language courses and reviewing all the existing at the end of each semester
  • Holding multiple assessments sessions, including language proficiency assessment for students applying for sabbatical leaves, or promotion of faculty members
  • Holding domestic and international seminars and webinars related to various fields of language teaching attended by well-known speakers in this field
  • Holding training workshops for visiting professors in each semester
  • Recruiting proficient guest professors after going through various evaluation stages
  • Designing and implementing a longitudinal program for student education, which has begun the first phase with medical students
  • Effective contribution in the design and development of  national exams’ questions held by the Education Assessment Center (including Basic Sciences, Master’s, doctorate, MHLE, and other exams).