About TUMS International College

Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), founded in 1934, is the oldest and the most well-known medical university in Iran. TUMS, with more than 1,500 academic staff, admits students in over 350 graduate and undergraduate programs in 11 schools and over 100 specialized research centers. At the moment, over 17,000 students are studying at TUMS, and it is receiving applications from about 90 countries in the world and has students from 29 countries. TUMS publishes 52 academic journals, and according to the Index Copernicus, TUMS Press is the 20th biggest academic publisher in the world. Moreover, it is now among the world’s 1% best centers in the fields of Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Social Sciences, with 17 TUMS academic staff being among the world’s greatest scientists.


The growth and excellence of a society at the national and international level depend on the development and expansion of the boundaries of science and knowledge, and higher education is one of the most effective elements in the process of changing habits and developing skills of human societies. By emphasizing educational demands and concentrating on empowerment of knowledge-seekers, the International College of Tehran University of Medical Sciences would be an opportunity to promote level of knowledge and its transfer, operational support of the educational system, development of social and professional capabilities, required competencies of higher education, and boosting of the needed skills of society.

The International College of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, henceforward called the "College", is being founded in respond to domestic and international educational demands with the goal of training and preparing expert, efficient and skilled human capital in accordance with international standards and its employment needs in the shortest possible time and preparing the scientific, practical and social conditions for applicants as well as supporting them to transfer to higher education levels. By planning and executing educational and research-based missions and professional services, the college is also determined to boost the scientific and skill-based competencies based on standards and international scientific and professional qualifications.


As a part of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, the college is being founded using its scientific and practical capabilities, and the synergy with the special capacities of the parent university, as a link to the community at the national and international levels including universities and higher education institutions and regional and international organizations. The college is being formed with the following aims:

  • Endeavoring to achieve the goals set out in the 20-year vision document and the country's economic, social and cultural development plans regarding the scientific status and in the development of educational and research activities and the provision of related services at the regional and international levels.
  • Playing a key role in the globalization of the university and to empower students, staff and faculty members to achieve these goals.
  • Making effective and active presence in knowledge and skills competitions in international arenas and engagement with colleges, universities and other educational and research centers, and other countries, and to meet the demands of education and research at national and international levels.
  • Training and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the required human resources
  • Propagating and internalizing the business culture based on talent, knowledge, skill, technology, expertise and entrepreneurship with an approach considering professionalism and ethics
  • Strengthening the individual and mental capabilities of the audiences, along with reinforcing their understanding of moral aspects and international standards
  • Reaching international standards for education and research in medical sciences and higher education, in order to achieve international academic degrees and issuance of academic certificates recognized by accredited universities and higher education organizations globally.
  • Empowering candidates for student life, academic education and preparing them to enter that life span.
  • Creating critical thinking among the candidates and enhancing their potentiality to adapt to today’s changing world.
  • Educating students with leadership skills and making them ready to present social, scientific and professional areas at the national and international levels.
  • Creating a learning environment both inside and outside the classrooms based on human values and Iranian-Islamic culture as well as offering transformational education meeting international needs and standards for training global citizens.
  • Developing cyberspace in education and research using innovative models via creating virtual platforms and distance courses /classes in accordance with international standards.
  • Providing educational and research services, publishing and distributing scientific resources besides the possibility of acquiring, using and exploiting it in the language of the given scientific areas.
  • Creating the proper context for exchanging students and professors with other universities and institutes of higher education, arranging joint programs and honors, creating opportunities for participation in scholarly areas on an international scale.
  • Providing educational packages, building branches at various locations inside and outside the country in alignment with supply and demand in expanding services and achieving college goals and missions.
  • Publishing and promoting Persian language along with Iranian-Islamic culture in the region and the world
  • Becoming one of the most accredited and recognized centers of teaching Persian and English language both nationally and internationally.
  • Becoming one of the most reliable centers of authorizing language institutes regarding the teaching of Persian to non-Persian speakers.
  • Producing and publishing content in various educational areas of college activities, including teaching Persian to non-Persian speakers.
  • Becoming one of the most reliable centers of evaluating Persian and foreign languages in addition to conducting international tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.
  • Recruiting potential people to improve the quality of education in all areas of college activities.


In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, the missions of the college are defined as follows:

  • Constantly assessing educational and research needs in the domestic and foreign spheres. Planning, organizing and conducting scientific teaching in accordance with educational systems, national and international standards.
  • Designing and developing flexible training programs for demand-driven science and skill education at national and international levels
  • Developing knowledge and skills of candidates both quantitatively and by quality in order to empower and enhance social presence by making use of college capacities, potentialities of universities and higher education institutions with a demand-driven approach and in continuous and effective interaction with national and international standards.
  • Planning and conducting courses with diverse trends including awarding academic degrees.
  • Providing courses based on complementary skills between the levels of education to the expected level of skill and at the expected academic level.
  • Planning and carrying out the skill training courses to prepare and equip the individuals with the skills required to enter the national and international labor market.
  • Planning and conducting entrance examinations for university courses as well as national and international executive agencies.
  • Promoting the faculty and staff's qualifications for globalizing the university and acquiring international communication skills.
  • Discovering national and international scientific skills, planning and running special courses for the professionals.
  • Creating the conditions for national and international student, staff, and faculty members exchange besides the possibility of transferring them.
  • Creating conditions for transferring guest students from other universities and institutes of higher education both nationally and internationally in order for them to take one or more courses or spend one or more semesters.
  • Conducting national and international research projects
  • Producing and distributing scientific products and research findings, offering consulting services along with specialized knowledge and skills.
  • Teaching Persian to international candidates abroad and in the country to promote Persian language and Iranian-Islamic culture.
  • Teaching International languages to enhance skills of students, staff and faculty members in order to internationalize the university.
  • Seeking to become one of the most acclaimed and most well-known Persian and English language training centers in the country and in the international community.
  • Seeking to become one of the most reliable centers for validating other centers at the national and international levels regarding the teaching of Persian language to non-Persian speakers
  • Producing and publishing content in various educational departments within college activities, including teaching Persian to Non-Persian speakers
  • Aspiring towards becoming one of the most reliable centers in instructing Persian and  foreign languages as well as conducting international tests such as TOEFL and IELTS
  • Employing powerful and decent faculty members to improve the quality of college education in all areas of college activity.
  • Conducting ceremonies and cultural activities to promote Iranian and Islamic culture for college students.