About Kish Island


Kish Island, or Kish for short, is an island of 92 square kilometers located in the Persian Gulf to the south of Iran, standing at a distance of 18 kilometers from mainland Iran. Kish is a strip of land spanning for 15 kilometers from east to west. The distance between the island and the capital city of Tehran is 1052 kilometers via air travel and 1600 kilometers when travelling through current roadways.

As an island that is close to the equator and located in a hot and humid climate, Kish has developed a unique nature. The annual climate in Kish has an average of 27 degrees Celsius, and July and August are the hottest months of the island whereas starting from October, the island has a very pleasant weather for about 8 months. The shiny surface of the island shines through the day under a glorious sunlight, and its fine sandy beaches remain the most popular tourist attractions of this magnificent island.

Apart from its vast range of sea and maritime creatures, Kish is rather limited in terms of wildlife as it is completely surrounded by water. However, the island is a favorite migration location with more than 150 types of birds. Numerous species of plants and vegetation also grow in different parts of the island, making Kish a scenic place all over.

Kish Island is by far the most recreational tourist location of the country, given its beautiful scenery, perfect beaches, and sunny weather. The island has numerous locations for sightseeing such as the old Greek Ship, the Mir Mohana and the Kish Recreational Piers, the traditional cisterns, native villages, Kish Dolphin Park Complex, the island’s Bird Garden, and numerous parks and shopping malls.

Moreover, Kish is an ideal location for recreational activities and various businesses and facilities offer tourists and residents with opportunities to enjoy these pastime leisure programs. These activities include the island’s bicycle and scooter lane which circles the island; safari rides to the island’s untouched nature; ladies- and gentlemen-specific beach resorts; numerous types of boat rides and maritime trips; deep sea diving; indoor pools and sports complexes; open-air tennis, archery and paintball fields; a mini-golf course; and a vast range of other activities which are sure to keep your free-time fully booked and occupied.