Housing & Dining


KISH-TUMS provides its students with high quality accommodation in a modern, recently constructed residence tower which has two blocks for girls and boys..

All rooms are furnished with beds, drawers, closets, desk, sofa set, and chairs consistent with the number of students in each room. Each room has internet access via wireless systems.

Each apartment is equipped with a kitchen, as well as a washing machine and ironing board shared among the student residents of the flat. Cleaning and maintenance of public places and lobby is by trained personnel and in apartments students are responsible for that. The picture across shows the boys’ residence site and the one below is the girls’ dormitory.

Dormitory has a lobby equipped with sofas and armchairs, which turn this space into a common room where students can come together and enjoy their time. Other facilities include study and prayer room in both halls, , sports rooms which include various exercise and sports equipment.

Reception steps for residence in SARA dormitory of KISH-TUMS

1. Airport transfer

2. Student reception by dormitory manager.

3. Filling the dormitory reception form and acceptance of dormitory rules by the student.

4. Delivery of unit keys and guideline form of dormitory and university addresses

5. Leading student to his apartment by trained personnel.

7. Delivery of property equipment of apartment to the student

8. Orientation on how to access life services in kish island