A course is a set of teaching and learning activities whose calendar definition has been approved by TUMS international college.

Each course has its own Skyroom link and classes are hold there.

Professors are responsible for the teaching and practicing activities related to the courses and follow to the TUMS's policies and procedures.


A unit generally represents 40 hours of work, including class attendance, online presence, personal work, practical assignments and exam preparation. At the end of each course, certificate will be issued by the TUMS.


Period during which the TUMS international college academic activities take place.

TermSemester start dateSemester final date
SpringEarly April (3rd week of Farvardin)Mid-June (4th week of Khordad)
SummerLate June (1st week of Tir)Early September (3rd week of Shahrivar)
AutumnMid-September (4th week of Shahrivar)Early December (2nd Week of Azar)
winterMid-December (3rd week of Azar)Mid-March (3rd week of Esfand)

Course attendance

To ensure your succeed in all courses of the program of study, students have the responsibility to participate in the various learning and assessment activities for each of their courses. The maximum number of absences allowed for each semester is three sessions and students who take more absence would be omitted.


According to the TUMS International College’s regulations, the mark should be at least 75 out of 100 to pass the course.


The registration process is shown as follow