Rules and regulations for obtaining an English language course in virtual classes



**According to the experiences of the previous semesters, most of the students who drop out a course, and take it again in the following semesters in virtual classes, unfortunately, do not succeed in passing that course. Therefore, it is strongly emphasized that if you fail the language course, be sure to take the course immediately for the second time in the next semester and participate in all the classes. **

If, despite the recommendation of the International College, you insist on choosing your English language course in virtual classes, pay attention to the following conditions:

1.Only those students are allowed to select language courses online who have taken the course once and failed to pass the course.

2. A student who fails to get a passing grade after taking the course once in face-to-face classes and once in virtual classes, cannot take the course in virtual form for the second time; therefore, he/she must take the course and participate in all class sessions in full.

3. How to score in virtual courses is as follows:

20% final written exam

80% oral assessment of students

-In other words, out of a total 20 for student scores, 4 will be for the final written exam and 16 will be for the individual oral assessment.

- Regarding oral assessment of students, during Dec. 21, 2020 to Jan. 9, 2021, (accurate notification of exam time is on college site), and through video takes place in 20 to 25 minutes. Oral assessment is done to assess students scientifically on covered subjects in the syllabus.

General courses: Summary of the paragraphs and vocabularies taught in the syllabus

Specialized courses: Summary of the article according to the topics along with questions related to terminology

General, Specialized 1 and 2 medical courses: In the Reading section, summary of the paragraph / text with terminology, and in the Listening/Writing section, one Mini lecture

-The written section of final exam does not contain (listening) section.

** The deadline for registering for virtual language course is September 21, 2020**

** The results of the submitted applications will be announced through the International College website during September 22nd -29th, 2020**