General rules of classes



 1. Students must obtain language courses in order and in compliance with the prerequisites. If the prerequisites for the lessons are not met, they may be removed in the middle of the semester. If you have not passed a course, take the course immediately in the next semester to avoid problems for your courses.

 2. Each class must be formed for at least 15 weeks, and if for any reason the number of sessions does not reach 15 weeks by the end of the semester, make-up sessions must be held up to one month before the end of the semester.

 3. Each student can have a valid absence from the sessions by presenting a certificate, and if his / her absence is more than this number, he / she must remove the course in case of emergency removal.

 4. Since the absent student is deprived of language teaching (which is not compensated by studying at home) and does not have a class activity due to his absence in that session, for each absence session, 0.25 of the class score will not be given to him.

 5. Students' final scores are calculated from 20, then 70% of the final exam score and 30% of the class score are considered for the student. If the student does not get 50% of the grade from the exam sheet, he / she will not be given a class score.

 6. Class score will be given to each student at the discretion of the professor, according to the student’s presence, activity, homework and class tests.

 7. Dear students, ask the esteemed professors or the website of the language center the score per exam questions. The materials introduced by the language center as the main sources are used for the vocabulary section. For reading comprehension and Cloze test (and audio content) sections, texts outside the content of the books, but appropriate for their level are used. Meanwhile, the language center exams do not have a negative score.

 8. All exams in the language center are corrected automatically. Therefore, students are required to bring a pencil and eraser to the test session. In addition, seeing a cell phone is considered a violation in the exam.

 9. All students must have a student card with them in the exam session, and if they do not have a card for any reason, they must receive a sealed-photo introduction letter from the education department.

 10. In the exam session, be sure to write the name of the professor on the attendance form.  If the class is taught by two teachers, mention the names of both teachers and if you have changed your class, write only the name of your last teacher. The scores of those students who do not mention the name of the professor on the exam sheet will not be announced.

 11. The exam results will be announced on the language center website as soon as they get ready (about ten days after the exam). If a student score is not on the site, while the score of other students in the class are announced, that student needs to refer to the language center as soon as possible.

 12. In addition to getting help from a respected professor, you can also refer to the language center to get more guidance for better language teaching.

 13. The final scores are determined and announced based on the exam analysis after performing the necessary checks. Therefore, the possibility of making a mistake in determining the passing score is very low, but if you have an appeal against your score, submit your appeal up to a week after the announcement of the scores.