Regulations for participating in the exam



Rules for offering requests to the University International College

1- Student visit in person (student card is required).

2- The student's details should be written in full at the top of the application form (application date – student’s first name and surname – student number - professor name - field of study- faculty name)

3- Please write your request legibly and concisely in the box related to the request description.

4. Do not use the back of the sheet in any way to write a request.

5- The time for respond to in-person requests is from 8-15 on Saturdays to Wednesdays.

The following requests will be considered at the International College:

1- Request to participate in the exemption from prerequisites 1 and 2 exams (according to the regulations).

2- Request not to attend classes according to the regulations related to obtaining virtual courses.

3- Request to review the results obtained from placement tests. (After reading the text "Tips that new students should know")

4- Request to review the results of the final exam.

5- Requests related to students' educational offers.

6- Requests related to participation in advanced exams.

7- Students' request to establish special classes or activities under the supervision of the language center.

If you are sure of mistake in announcing your score, appeal for reviewing your score; otherwise, there will be no change in the score for the following cases, and if too much favor has been allowed on your score, the declared score will be reduced to the permitted level:

1- Request to review in order to increase the grade point average.

2- Request to review in order to avoid being on academic probation.

3- Request to review due to personal problems such as illness, marriage, being unable to pay for education tuitions, etc.

4- Request to review to benefit from special privileges.

5- Request to review in order to avoid lengthening the student's education period or canceling their party.

6- Applying for grants due to the completion of student years, excessive number of probation or expulsion of students.

7- Request to increase the score due to passing the master's exam.

 ** The deadline for submitting a request to recheck the final exam score is a maximum of one week after the announcement of the test results.