Rules for participating in the Exemption Exam for passing Prerequisite 1 and Prerequisite 2 English courses



According to the educational regulations of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Chapter 3 - courses and duration of study:

The presentation of prerequisite courses and how to implement them in universities in all respects, including the registration of grades in the student transcript, taking account the exam score in the student’s average in the semester, student’s academic probation and grade point average, are considered similar to university courses and are subject to higher education regulations.

This exam aims to help students who have taken the prerequisite courses 1 and 2 once and have not succeeded in passing those courses. This exam is held in 3 periods of December, May and September. Prerequisite Exemption Test 1 and Test 2 will be held on two successive days.

Conditions for participating in the exam:

1- A student who has taken the course once and has not succeeded in passing that course (provided that he / she participates in all the sessions of the class and does not have more than 4/17 (four seventeenth) absences.

2- A student who has not participated in the previous exemption exam of the International College.

3- Students who are included in parts 1 and 2 of this article are required to submit their application to the International College in the first two weeks of the semester (before the end of drop-add) and follow up the review and response. (Important Note: Applications submitted to the Language Center after the third week will not be accounted). Students applying for the September Exemption Exam must submit their application by 22nd of July, at the latest.

4- After submitting the application up to one week before the exam, the student can prepare for the exemption exam under the supervision of the International College.

5- If a student obtains a passing score in the exemption exam, the International College will announce his exemption in a letter to the faculty.  (If required, the student can request the letter number from the International College.)

6- If a student does not get a passing score in the exemption exam, in order to participate in the next exemption exam, he/she must fully participate in the classes of that course in the following semester.  - It is also possible to participate in the class without taking a prerequisite course.

7- To help students who are applying for the exemption exam, the International College allows the student to take the prerequisite course with the next course at the same time, provided that the student participates in the exemption exam of in same semester. If for any reason the student fails to take the exemption exam in the same semester or does not obtain a passing grade, he / she must cancel his / her current semester language course due to non-observance of prerequisite courses.

8- If a student was allowed to participate in both prerequisite language exam 1 and exam 2, he/she must obtain at least a score of 14 in the prerequisite exam 1 in order to be able to take the prerequisite exam 2 (the day after the prerequisite exam1).

9- The student must follow the time and place specified for the exemption exam from the college site or from the language department of the Iranian students of the International College.

** It should be noted that the above materials are only applicable to prerequisite courses 1 and 2 and are not related to general language or specialized (EPA) language courses.