Projects and Publications

Influence of MTHFR gene variations on perceived stress modification: Preliminary results of NURSE study. M, Najmi Varzaneh F, Maghbooli Z, Samandari N, Mostafavi A, Salemi S, Mehrdad N, Sanjari M.
Feeling an Invisible Wall: The Experience of Iranian Women's Marital Relationship After Surgical Menopause: A Qualitative Content Analysis Study. OSRR, Cheraghi MA, Tirgari B, Nayeri ND, Rayyani M.
The Effect of Melatonin on Superoxide Dismutase and Glutathione Peroxidase Activity, and Malondialdehyde Levels in the Targeted and the Non-targeted Lung and Heart Tissues after Irradiation in Xenograft Mice Colon Cancer. SHMH, Shirazi A, Alizadeh AM, Changizi V, Najafi M, Khalighfard S, Nosrati H.
A colorimetric paper sensor for citrate as biomarker for early stage detection of prostate cancer based on peroxidase-like activity of cysteine-capped gold nanoclusters. S, Fakhri N, Borghei YS, Hosseini M, Ganjali MR.
Incorporation of magnetic NaX zeolite/DOX into the PLA/chitosan nanofibers for sustained release of doxorubicin against carcinoma cells death in vitro. P, Radmansouri M, Habibi Jouybari M, Ghasemi MV, Mohammadi A, Irani M, Jazi FS.
Potent Activities of Luliconazole, Lanoconazole, and Eight Comparators against Molecularly Characterized Fusarium Species. M, Al-Hatmi AMS, Vafaei Moghaddam M, de Hoog GS, Haghani I, Aghili SR, Shokohi T, Hedayati MT, Daie Ghazvini R, Kachuei R, Rezaei-Matehkolaei A, Makimura K, Meis JF, Badali H.
Empirically developed dietary inflammatory potential (EDIP) in patients candidate for coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG): Association with metabolic parameters, dietary antioxidant quality score and dietary phytochemical index. Farhangi M, Najafi M.
Dietary total antioxidant capacity (TAC) among candidates for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery: Emphasis to possible beneficial role of TAC on serum vitamin D. Farhangi M, Najafi M.
Innovative use of a stereolithographic model together with the mirror image technique to reconstruct a defect in mandibular continuity. AJ, Parvin M, Bashiri S.
Diversity of Arthropods in Municipal Solid Waste Landfill of Urmia, Iran. E, Rafinejad J, Hosseinpoor S, Gholami-Borujeni F, Gholizadeh S.

Coexistence of aspergilloma and pulmonary hydatid cyst in an immunocompetent individual. F, Badali H, Hashemi Fesharaki S, Boroumand M, Sotoudeh Anvari M, Davari H, Agha Kuchak Afshari S, Khodavaisy S.
The Effectiveness of a Peer Coaching Education on Control and Management of Type 2 Diabetes in Women: A Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial. M Ms, Sanjari M PhD, Aghaei Meybodi HR Md, Amini MR Md, Qorbani M PhD, Adibi H PhD, Mehrdad N PhD.
Diabetic foot workshop: Improving technical and educational skills for nurses. M, Sanjari M, Shahbazi S, Shayeganmehr Z, Abooeirad M, Amini MR, Adibi H, Mehrdad N.
Cytotoxic Effect of Thiabendazole on Hn5 Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell Line. AJ, Mohamadnia A, Parhiz SA, Azizi Moghadam N, Bahrami N.
Arteriovenous Malformation Underlying a Plexiform Neurofibroma: An Unusual Presentation. Z, Khani S, Zare J.
Fas Receptor Activation by Endogenous Opioids Is A New Mechanism for Cardiomyopathy in Cirrhotic Rats. A, Faramarzi N, Khosravi M, Yazarloo F, Abbasi MA, Dehpour AR, Jahanzad I.
Mandibular Rami Implant: A New Approach in Mandibular Reconstruction. AJ, Azari A, Mohebbi SZ, Javani A.
New method of arch bar fixation. AJ, Parvin M.
A Genotype-First Approach for Clinical and Genetic Evaluation of Wolcott-Rallison Syndrome in a Large Cohort of Iranian Children With Neonatal Diabetes. F, Habibi M, Enayati S, Bitarafan F, Razzaghy-Azar M, Sotodeh A, Omran SP, Maroofian R, Amoli MM.
PTPN22 Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Iranian Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. F, Soltani S, Saghazadeh A, Soltaninejad E, Rezaei A, Zare Bidoki A, Bahrami T, Amirzargar AA, Rezaei N.

Fabrication of an Implant-Supported Orbital Prosthesis with Bar-Magnetic Attachment: A Clinical Report. S, Abolhassani A, Nematollahi F, Beyabanaki E, Mangoli AA.
Association between electromagnetic field exposure and abortion in pregnant women living in Tehran. M, Malekafzali H, Simbar M, Seyed Mosaavi H, Merghati Khoei E.
Auditory Brainstem Response Wave Amplitude Characteristics as a Diagnostic Tool in Children with Speech Delay with Unknown Causes. S PhD, Khanbabaee G Md, Sheibani K Md.
Laboratory Evaluation of Temephos against Anopheles stephensi and Culex pipiens Larvae in Iran. MR, Hanafi-Bojd AA, Vatandoost H.
Physicochemical Characteristics of Larval Habitat Waters of Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in Qom Province, Central Iran. MR, Saghafipour A, Ladonni H, Jesri N, Omidi S, Azari-Hamidian S.
7SK small nuclear RNA transcription level down-regulates in human tumors and stem cells. M, Bazi Z, Mohammadi-Yeganeh S, Soleimani M, Haghpanah V, Zargami N, Ghanbarian H.
Sleep Disorders in ESRD Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis. MR, Safavi A, Haghverdi M, Saedi B.
Genetic and Morphological Diversity of the Genus Penicillium From Mazandaran and Tehran Provinces, Iran. M, Mirhendi H, Hedayati MT, Shokohi T, Rezaei-Matehkolaei A, Mohammadi R, Badali H, Moazeni M, Haghani I, Ghojoghi A, Akhtari J.
Effect of itraconazole on the quality of life in patients with moderate to severe seborrheic dermatitis: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial. Z, Ghodsi SZ, Abedeni R.
Gender Differences in Major Dietary Patterns and Their Relationship with Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors in a Year before Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) Surgery Period. Farhangi M, Ataie-Jafari A, Najafi M, Sarami Foroushani G, Mohajeri Tehrani MR, Jahangiry L.

MicroRNAs (MiRs) Precisely Regulate Immune System Development and Function in Immunosenescence Process. SH, Rezaei N.
A comparative study of mesenchymal stem cell transplantation with its paracrine effect on control of hyperglycemia in type 1 diabetic rats. E, Mirzamohammadi S, Ghaznavi H, Madjd Z, Larijani B, Rayegan S, Sharifi AM.
Analysis of B-Raf[Formula: see text] inhibitors using 2D and 3D-QSAR, molecular docking and pharmacophore studies. R, Pourbasheer E, Ganjali MR.
Effects of box size, frequency of lifting, and height of lift on maximum acceptable weight of lift and heart rate for male university students in Iran. AS, Mazlomi A, Saraji GN, Zeraati H, Hadian MR, Jafari AH.
In vitro activity of econazole in comparison with three common antifungal agents against clinical Candida strains isolated from superficial infections. M, Shokohi T, Rouhi Kord R, Badali H, Hashemi SJ, Ghasemi Z, Ghojoghi A, Baghi N, Abdollahi M, Hosseinpoor S, Rahimi N, Seifi Z, Gholami S, Haghani I, Jabari MR, Pagheh A.
Toxicity of zinc oxide nanoparticles on adult male Wistar rats. R, Moradi H, Zarei S, Asadi S, Salehzadeh A, Ghafourikhosroshahi A, Mortazavi M, Ziamajidi N.
Impact of wind turbine sound on general health, sleep disturbance and annoyance of workers: a pilot- study in Manjil wind farm, Iran. M, Monazzam MR, Akbarzadeh A, Zakerian SA, Ebrahimi MH.
Socioeconomic Status and in-hospital Mortality of Acute Coronary Syndrome: Can Education and Occupation Serve as Preventive Measures? SH, De Leon AP, Kassaian SE, Karimi A, Sundin Ö, Jalali A, Soares J, Macassa G.
Introducing the Tehran Heart Center's Premature Coronary Atherosclerosis Cohort: THC-PAC Study. SH, Kassaian SE, Sadeghian S, Karimi A, Saadat S, Peyvandi F, Jalali A, Davarpasand T, Shahmansouri N, Lotfi-Tokaldany M, Abchouyeh MA, Isfahani FA, Rosendaal F.
Simvastatin versus atorvastatin for improving mild to moderate depression in post-coronary artery bypass graft patients: A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial. SH, Mohammadinejad P, Shahmansouri N, Salehiomran A, Beglar AA, Zeinoddini A, Forghani S, Akhondzadeh S.

TitleURLAuthorsShortDetailsDate & First Author
Inhibitory effect of allicin and garlic extracts on growth of cultured hyphae. F, Yusuf UK, Nulit R, Rezaie S.Iran J Basic Med Sci. 2014create date:2014/05/23 | first author:Aala F
Mysterious Linkages Between Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes, Interleukin-28B Genotypes and Viral Clearance- A Meta-Analysis. SH, Behnava B, Salimi S, Sharafi H, Alavian SM.Hepat Mon. 2014create date:2014/04/16 | first author:Aalaei-Andabili SH
In vitro fertilization outcome following embryo transfer with or without preinstillation of human chorionic gonadotropin into the uterine cavity: a randomized controlled trial. A, Aghahosseini M, Rashidi M, Safdarian L, Sarvi F, Najmi Z, Mobasseri A, Amoozgar B.Gynecol Obstet Invest. 2015create date:2014/12/23 | first author:Aaleyasin A
A robust MR-based attenuation map generation in short-TE MR images of the head employing hybrid spatial fuzzy C-means clustering and intensity inhomogeneity correction. MH, Kazerooni AF, Khateri P, Ay MR, Rad HS.EJNMMI Phys. 2014create date:2014/07/01 | first author:Aarabi MH
Restriction analysis of β-tubulin gene for differentiation of the common pathogenic dermatophytes. M, Mirhendi H, Rezaei-Matehkolaei A, Shidfar MR, Kordbacheh P, Makimura K.J Clin Lab Anal. 2014create date:2014/01/08 | first author:Abastabar M
Pemphigus vulgaris presented with cheilitis. Z, Safaie Naraghi Z, Behrangi E.Case Rep Dermatol Med. 2014create date:2014/10/21 | first author:Abbas Z
Segregation of a novel homozygous 6 nucleotide deletion in GLUT2 gene in a Fanconi-Bickel syndrome family. F, Azizi F, Javaheri M, Mosallanejad A, Ebrahim-Habibi A, Ghafouri-Fard S.Gene. 2015create date:2014/12/20 | first author:Abbasi F
A new missense mutation in FGF23 gene in a male with hyperostosis-hyperphosphatemia syndrome (HHS). F, Ghafouri-Fard S, Javaheri M, Dideban A, Ebrahimi A, Ebrahim-Habibi A.Gene. 2014create date:2014/04/01 | first author:Abbasi F
Nursing students' spiritual well-being, spirituality and spiritual care. M, Farahani-Nia M, Mehrdad N, Givari A, Haghani H.Iran J Nurs Midwifery Res. 2014create date:2014/06/21 | first author:Abbasi M
Disaster medical assistance teams after earthquakes in iran: propose a localized model. M, Salehnia MH.Iran Red Crescent Med J. 2013create date:2014/03/13 | first author:Abbasi M

Reciprocal effects of Toll-like receptors and miRNAs on biological processes in human health and disease: a systematic review. SH, Fabbri M, Rezaei N.
Toll like receptor (TLR)-induced differential expression of microRNAs (MiRs) promotes proper immune response against infections: a systematic review. SH, Rezaei N.
A Molecular Epidemiological Survey of Clinically Important Dermatophytes in Iran Based on Specific RFLP Profiles of Beta-tubulin Gene. M, Rezaei-Matehkolaei A, Shidfar MR, Kordbacheh P, Mohammadi R, Shokoohi T, Hedayati MT, Jalalizand N, Mirhendi H.
Effects of vitexin on scopolamine-induced memory impairment in rats. E, Nassiri-Asl M, Sheikhi M, Shafiee M.
Unwanted intra-operative penile erection during pediatric hypospadiasis repair. Comparison of propofol and halothane. HR, Ben Razavi SS, Hajiesmaeili MR, Behdad S, Ghiamat MM, Eghbali A.
Post-traumatic chordae rupture of tricuspid valve. K, Ahmadi H, Zoroufian A, Sahebjam M, Moshtaghi N, Abbasi SH.
Knowledge management in cardiac surgery: the second tehran heart center adult cardiac surgery database report. K, Karimi A, Abbasi SH, Ahmadi SH, Davoodi S, Babamahmoodi A, Movahedi N, Salehiomran A, Shirzad M, Bina P.
Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonographic examination in the management of shoulder dislocation in the emergency department. S, Molaie H, Hafezimoghadam P, Zare MA, Abbasi M, Rezai M, Farsi D.
Gas as a cause of spinal pains: a possible new syndrome. A, Minaee B, Nikbakht Nasrabadi A, Rostamian A, Shirzad M.
The neurophysiological effects of dry needling in patients with upper trapezius myofascial trigger points: study protocol of a controlled clinical trial. M, Ansari NN, Naghdi S, Olyaei G, Nourbakhsh MR.

Nurses' role in diabetic foot prevention and care; a review. M, Malazy OT, Sanjari M, Peimani M, Mohajeri-Tehrani M.
Images in clinical medicine. Ectopic thyroid gland. M, Mohajeri-Tehrani MR.
Chondroma of falx: case report of a rare condition. A, Azmoudeh Ardalan F, Miri SM, Shahriarian S, Tajik F.
Detection of KCNJ11 gene mutations in a family with neonatal diabetes mellitus: implications for therapeutic management of family members with long-standing disease. F, Saba S, Ebrahim-Habibi A, Sayahpour FA, Amiri P, Larijani B, Amoli MM.
Ultrasound-guided simultaneous irrigation and drainage of facial abscess. M, Bayat M, Beshkar M, Momen-Heravi F.
Comparison of diagnostic value of conventional ultrasonography by emergency physicians with Doppler ultrasonography by radiology physicians for diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis. S, Bolverdi E, Zare MA, Hafezimoghadam P, Fathi M, Farsi D, Moghimi M.
Accuracy of emergency physician-performed ultrasound in detecting traumatic pneumothorax after a 2-h training course. S, Farsi D, Hafezimoghadam P, Fathi M, Zare MA.
Estrogen receptor genes variations and breast cancer risk in Iran. S, Nouri M, Azimi C.
Association of estrogen receptor-α A908G (K303R) mutation with breast cancer risk. S, Rasouli M, Nouri M, Kalbasi S.
Gender differences in the risk of coronary artery disease in iran. Sh, De Leon AP, Kassaian S, Karimi A, Sundin O, Soares J, Macassa G.

Pituitary function impairment after moderate traumatic brain injury. MR, Ghodsi M, Merazin M, Roozbeh H.
Formulation and evaluation of an in situ gel forming system for controlled delivery of triptorelin acetate. Sh, Dinarvand R, Sharifzadeh M, Hassanzadeh G, Amini M, Atyabi F.
TGF-β and IL-23 gene expression in unstimulated PBMCs of patients with diabetes. F, Amiri P, Sayahpour FA, Pirmoradi S, Abolhalaj M, Larijani B, Bazzaz JT, Amoli MM.
Perivascular nitric oxide delivery to saphenous vein grafts prevents graft stenosis after coronary artery bypass grafting: a novel sheep model. K, Shalileh K, Anvari MS, Rabbani S, Mahdanian A, Ahmadi SH, Moshtaghi N, Movahedi N, Karimi A.
Effect of aminoguanidine in sperm DNA fragmentation in varicocelized rats: role of nitric oxide. M, Alizadeh R, Abolhassani F, Amidi F, Ragerdi KI, Fazelipour S, Hoshino Y, Sato E, Dehpour AR.
Women and coronary artery disease. Part I: basic considerations. SH, Kassaian SE.
The impact of carotid artery disease on outcomes of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting. M.
Interaction of 5-Fluorouracil and its derivatives with bovine serum albumin. K, Nafisi Sh, Manouchehri F, Bonsaii M, Khalaj A.
Photoclinic. Cutaneous tuberculosis. Z, Soleimani A, Rasoolinejad M.
The role of Helicobacter pylori infection in gastro-oesophageal reflux in Iranian children. A, Morteza A, Khalilzadeh O, Zandieh A, Asgarshirazi M.

Cor triatriatum: preoperative diagnosis and successful surgical correction in a four-year-old girl. K, Sadeghian H, Ghafari-Marandi N, Sadeghian A.
Aminoguanidine improves epididymal sperm parameters in varicocelized rats. M, Alizadeh R, Abolhassani F, Amidi F, Hassanzadeh G, Ejtemaei Mehr S, Dehpour AR.
Insulin resistance and breast carcinogenesis: a cross-sectional study among Iranian women with breast mass. M, Tarafdari A, Esteghamati A, Vejdani K, Nakhjavani M.
Estrogen receptor-beta gene polymorphism in women with breast cancer at the Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex, Iran. S.
Serological Evaluation of EgAgB16 kDa, a Recombinant Antigen from Echinococcus granulosus for Diagnosis of Human Hydatidosis. J, Kazemi B, Haniloo A, Mohebali M, Mahmoudi M, Rezaei S, Bandehpour M, Maghen L, Rokni M.
Gene cloning, expression and serological evaluation of the 12-kDa antigen-B subunit from Echinococcus granulosus. J, Kazemi B, Mohebali M, Bandehpour M, Rahimi MT, Rokni MB.
Clinical spectrum of 15 patients with HIV-related ocular involvement in Tehran. A, Heidari-Bateni G, Zarei R, Kheirandish P, Malekmadani M, Mohraz M, Abdollahi M, Rajabi MT.
Factor VIII concentration is greater in female than male patients with HIV infection. A, Morteza A, Khalilzadeh O, Ahmadzadeh A.
Brucellosis serology in HIV-infected patients. A, Morteza A, Khalilzadeh O, Rasoulinejad M.
Substance misuse patterns and blood types of self-introduced addicts to substance rehabilitation centers of bam city. M, Ziaaddini H, Kheradmand A, Shamsi Meimandi M, Divsalar K, Mahmoodi M.

Comparative performance of imagicides on Anopheles stephensi, main malaria vector in a malarious area, southern Iran. MR, Mehravaran A, Vatandoost H, Oshaghi MA, Javadian E, Mashayekhi M, Mosleminia A, Piyazak N, Edallat H, Mohtarami F, Jabbari H, Rafi F.
Anomalous right-sided pulmonary venous connection to the superior vena cava. K, Abbasi A, Tazik M, Salehiomran A, Kazemisaeed A, Sadeghian H.
Atherosclerosis and vascular injury: the effect of a perivascular nitric oxide donor in a cholesterol-fed rabbit model. K, Anvari MS, Mahdanian A, Ahmadi SH, Rabbani S, Karimi A, Marzban M, Shalileh K, Ashrafinia N.
The effect of mirtazapine add on therapy to risperidone in the treatment of schizophrenia: a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial. SH, Behpournia H, Ghoreshi A, Salehi B, Raznahan M, Rezazadeh SA, Rezaei F, Akhondzadeh S.
Quality of life and its relation to sociodemographic factors among elderly people living in Tehran. MA, Dabiran S, Safdari R, Djafarian K.
Work-related penetrating head trauma caused by industrial grinder tool. A, Amirjamshidi A.
A virtual sinogram method to reduce dental metallic implant artefacts in computed tomography-based attenuation correction for PET. M, Ay MR, Ahmadian A, Zaidi H.
Frequency and outcome of metaplasia in needle biopsies of prostate and its relation with clinical findings. A, Ayati M.
The time course of Akt and ERK activation on XIAP expression in HEK 293 cell line. M, Keramati AR, Ostad SN, Davoodi J, Ghahremani MH.
A human auditory tuning curves matched wavelet function. MD, Salimpour Y.

Role of clinical and ultrasound findings in the diagnosis of retained products of conception. S, Jamal A, Eslamian L, Marsousi V.
KID syndrome. A, Hallaji Z, Esmaili N, Valikhani M, Barzegari M, Akhyani M, Toosi S, Miresmaili A.
Crocus sativus L. (saffron) in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome: a double-blind, randomised and placebo-controlled trial. M, Kashani L, Aleyaseen A, Ghoreishi A, Rahmanpour H, Zarrinara AR, Akhondzadeh S.
Photoclinic. Tumoral calcinosis. L, Shirani S.
Effects of prophylactic insertion of Double-J stents to decrease episodes of renal colic in patients with recurrent ureteral stones. SM, Mohammadi A, Farahmand H, Meysamie AP.
Totally tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy in renal anomalies. SM, Mohammadi A, Mosavibahar SH, Meysamie AP.
Comparison of systemic stress responses between percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and open nephrolithotomy. SM, Mojtahedzadeh M, Meysamie A, Atharikia D, Izadpanah F, Sheikhvatan M.
IgA deficiency: correlation between clinical and immunological phenotypes. A, Cheraghi T, Gharagozlou M, Movahedi M, Rezaei N, Yeganeh M, Parvaneh N, Abolhassani H, Pourpak Z, Moin M.
Progression of selective IgA deficiency to common variable immunodeficiency. A, Mohammadi J, Parvaneh N, Rezaei N, Moin M, Espanol T, Hammarstrom L.
Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of Mentha pulegium L. essential oil. N, Yamini Y, Hadjiakhoondi A, Pourmortazavi SM.

Assessment of indirect hemagglutination and zymography procedures in evaluation of gelatinase a in patients with benign and malignant prostate hyperplasia. N, Pezeshki M, Korramizadeh MR, Eslami MB, Zeraati H.
PCR based on identification of vectors of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Shahrood District, central of Iran. MA, Rassi Y, Imamian H, Fateh M, Mohebali M, Rafizadeh S, Hajjaran H, Azizi K, Ismaiili M.
Epstein-Barr virus associated gastric carcinoma: a report from Iran in the last four decades. A, Ghaderi-Sohi S, Shuyama K, Koriyama C, Nadimi-Barforoosh H, Emami S, Mosavi-Jarrahi A, Nahvijou A, Akiba S.
Dermopathy and retinopathy in diabetes: is there an association? A, Daneshpazhooh M, Amirchaghmaghi E, Sheikhi S, Eshrati B, Bastanhagh MH.
Dendritic cells bearing HLA-G inhibit T-Cell activation in type 1 diabetes. S, Eslami MB, Sarrafnejad A, Mohseni M, Larijani B.
Noninvasive temperature estimation using sonographic digital images. MD, Norouzy A, Takavar A, Ghanaati H.
Renal disorders in HIV-infected patients. S, Rasoulinejad M, Razeghi E, Shahriari S, Esmailpour N.
Effect of chronic lithium administration on endothelium-dependent relaxation of rat mesenteric bed: role of nitric oxide. B, Moezi L, Sadeghipour H, Rahimzadeh-Rofouyi B, Nobakht M, Sanatkar M, Ghahremani MH, Dehpour AR.
How to reduce cardiovascular mortality and morbidity among Hajj Pilgrims: A multiphasic screening, intervention and assessment. F, Dehkordi HM, Fazel MR, Ghanei M.
Effect of pilocarpine hydrochloride on unstimulated whole saliva flow rate and composition in patients with chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGVHD). F, Mirzaii-Dizgah I, Ghavamzadeh L, Ghavamzadeh A, Tohidast-Acrad Z.

A Child with elemental mercury poisoning and unusual brain MRI findings. P, Zaman T.
A prospective analysis of 151 cases of patients with acromegaly operated by one neurosurgeon: a follow-up of more than 23 years. K, Amirjamshidi M, Mehrazin A, Khalatbary I, Keynama M, Bokai H, Abdollahi M.
Trend in incidence of gastric adenocarcinoma by tumor location from 1969-2004: a study in one referral center in Iran. A, Ghaderi-sohi S, Nadimi-Barfroosh H, Emami S.
Static telepathology in cancer institute of Tehran university: report of the first academic experience in Iran. A, Sarrafpour B, Ghaderi-Sohi S.
Incidence and characteristics of falls leading to hip fracture in Iranian population. F, Moayyeri A, Naghavi M, Soltani A, Larijani B, Shalmani HT.
Diabetic patients: Psychological aspects. F, Larijani B, Haghighatpanah M.
The composition of unstimulated whole saliva of healthy dental students. F, Dizgah IM, Amirkhani S.
Methylene blue-mediated photodynamic therapy: a possible alternative treatment for oral lichen planus. F, Arbabi-Kalati F, Fashtami LA, Djavid GE, Fateh M, Beitollahi JM.
Treatment of oral lichen planus with photodynamic therapy mediated methylene blue: a case report. F, Arbabi-Kalati F, Fashtami LA, Fateh M, Djavid GE.
A vacuum device for penile elongation: fact or fiction? MK, Hosseini R, Alizadeh F.

Dextromethorphan metabolic phenotyping in an Iranian population. M, Rouini M, Ala S.
Effect of indomethacin on electrical field stimulation-induced contractions of isolated transverse and longitudinal rat gastric fundus strips. S, Keshavarz M, Salami M, Mirershadi F, Djahanguiri B.
Clinical and immunological features of 65 Iranian patients with common variable immunodeficiency. A, Farhoudi A, Moin M, Rezaei N, Kouhi A, Pourpak Z, Yaseri N, Movahedi M, Gharagozlou M, Zandieh F, Yazadni F, Arshi S, Mohammadzadeh I, Ghazi BM, Mahmoudi M, Tahaei S, Isaeian A.
Lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue in common variable immunodeficiency. A, Parvaneh N, Tirgari F, Mahjoob F, Movahedi M, Gharagozlou M, Mansouri M, Kouhi A, Rezaei N, Webster D.
Infantile systemic hyalinosis: report of three Iranian children and review of the literature. Y, Bahremand S, Nematollahi LR.
HESA-A: new treatment for breast cancer and choroidal metastasis. A, Mohagheghi MA, Fazeli MS, Nahavandian B, Bashardoost N, Musavi Jarahi A, Gharipoor M.
Neck mass as the first presentation of testicular choriocarcinoma. SA, Tavakoli H, Samadi N.
Topiramate prevents ecstasy consumption: a case report. S, Hampa AD.
Beneficial antipsychotic effects of allopurinol as add-on therapy for schizophrenia: a double blind, randomized and placebo controlled trial. S, Safarcherati A, Amini H.
Crocus sativus L. in the treatment of mild to moderate depression: a double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled trial. S, Tahmacebi-Pour N, Noorbala AA, Amini H, Fallah-Pour H, Jamshidi AH, Khani M.

Hyperglycemia associated with increased hepatic glycogen phosphorylase and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase in rats following subchronic exposure to malathion. M, Donyavi M, Pournourmohammadi S, Saadat M.
Oxidative stress and cholinesterase inhibition in saliva and plasma of rats following subchronic exposure to malathion. M, Mostafalou S, Pournourmohammadi S, Shadnia S.
Pesticides and oxidative stress: a review. M, Ranjbar A, Shadnia S, Nikfar S, Rezaie A.
Drug-induced toxic reactions in the eye: an overview. M, Shafiee A, Bathaiee FS, Sharifzadeh M, Nikfar S.
A rapid HPLC assay for the simultaneous determination of propafenone and its major metabolites in human serum. M, Rouini M.
Simple chromatography method for simultaneous determination of dextromethorphan and its main metabolites in human plasma with fluorimetric detection. M, Rouini MR, Amini M.
Ineffectiveness of allopurinol in reduction of oxidative stress in diabetic patients; a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial. M, Larijani B, Rezaie A, Mojtahedi A, Zamani MJ, Astanehi-Asghari F, Mostafalou S, Hosseinnezhad A, Heshmat R, Abdollahi M.
Treatment of ureteral calculi with ballistic lithotripsy. SK, Mohseni MG, Ardestani A.
Totally tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy. SM, Hosseini SR, Gooran S.
Adverse reactions of prophylactic intravenous immunoglobulin infusions in Iranian patients with primary immunodeficiency. A, Farhoudi A, Nikzad M, Moin M, Pourpak Z, Rezaei N, Gharagozlou M, Movahedi M, Atarod L, Afshar AA, Bazargan N, Hosseinpoor AR.

Antinociceptive effects of Teucrium polium L total extract and essential oil in mouse writhing test. M, Karimpour H, Monsef-Esfehani HR.
Structural and functional changes by Ciprofloxacin of rat submandibular gland. M, Minaiee B, Yaaghoubi AA.
A review of drug-induced oral reactions. M, Radfar M.
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