How I Care: Community Health & Geriatric Nursing

Course Description:

Following the growing population age, the expanding need for social care for the most vulnerable, and the increasing focus on preventative strategies throughout different populations, community health and geriatric nursing is a discipline to be followed facing related challenges.

This section of HIC programs would be focusing on different nursing strategies, interventions, and care on the background of elder life and community health for all age groups. This organization would be followed by international and cross-cultural experience-sharing programs, informing update approaches, and most of all, a gathering of a mutual international community.

Course Objectives:

  • Sharing scientific evidence in community health and geriatric nursing

  • Informing the latest updates and caring approaches

  • Providing academic and practical access to community health and geriatric nursing via professional lecturers

  • Creating an opportunity for sharing multicultural experiences

Why join the programs and study online?

The platform created will bring out opportunities for national/international professors, students, and interested individuals for acknowledging community health and geriatric nursing principles and updates. This will be done following the guidance of inspiring professors.

What are learning outcomes (what will a student learn)?

  • Improving current knowledge in community health and geriatric nursing

  • Stay informed with updates and evidence-based findings

  • To share and acknowledge multicultural experiences

  • Meeting experts in fields

What are the ambitious goals of this course and what are the metrics to measure success?

As a major goal, enhancing and acquiring a level of knowledge and awareness towards the provided issues of each course, meeting and establishing a scientific community, and sharing experiences from different backgrounds and cultures can be considered as the following aims.

Scientific brainstorming, feedback from experts, polling, and sharing ideas would be present for further measurements.

Who are the most important audience?

This program is designed for:

  • BSc/ MSc/ Ph.D. Nursing students

  • BSc/ MSc/ Ph.D. Nurses

  • Interested individuals


Participation in this program is free for all healthcare students and staff in different clinical settings and educational levels.

Certificate of participation will be awarded to those who attended more than half of the session.

How I Care: Community Health & Geriatric Nursing