Appraise to Raise is the title of a general project that TUMS Directorate of International Relations has launched in 2020 with two main goals:

  • Developing virtual activities in the field of international academic relations
  • Utilizing the capacity of TUMS IT

The main activities of the project, so far, have been organizing and holding online journal clubs and webinars. Of course, the main mission of Appraise to Raise program inherently accepts no boundaries and welcomes any idea that is in line with the development of virtual scientific and academic activities.

The main indicator of Appraise to Raise is creativity and innovation in programs which are delivered as much as possible. For example, in the field of holding online journal club, efforts are made to hold these meetings with the presence of the responsible author of the articles and even representatives of the editorial board of the journals; obviously, it can greatly make the meetings interesting and also help in improving the interactive atmosphere of the meetings.

The Appraise to Raise team also tries to assist the scientific team and researchers by removing the burden of administrative and logistics activities so that they can focus more on increasing the quality of the event.