Journal Clubs

Journal club is a well-recognized quality improvement strategy, used by health practitioners to critique and keep up-to-date with relevant health literature and have been in place for over 100 years. Participants meet regularly to critique research articles, to improve their understanding of research design, statistics and critical appraisal. Thus the philosophy of journal club from its inception was to share current knowledge, and translate it into evidence-based patient care. Journal clubs play an important role in the education of residents and as an academic forum present opportunities for researchers to gather and discuss recent publications from peer-reviewed journals. Historically, journal clubs have thrived as local, in-person meetings organized around a single medical specialty. However, with advances in social media and technology, journal clubs are poised to take an evolutionary step by harnessing digital connectivity.

TUMS is the first to use the journal club live online platform within OJC (Online Journal Club) program, which lets participants discuss papers with the presence of the authors in real time, providing the opportunity for the participants and experts to get acquainted with the main opinions of authors and eliminate the possibility of personal misinterpretation and perceptions. During the OJC sessions, the author(s) of the chosen article will attend and will be challenged and inquired to justify the conclusion with evidence and defend their publication. OJC program is uniting hundreds of medical practitioners from around the world under the banner of one cause: enhancing knowledge translation of the medical literature without the limitations of geography.

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