Delivery Effective CPD: During Pandemic COVID 19

Dr. AmirAli Sohrabpour

Vice Chancellor of Education, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Dr. Mandana Shirazi

Professor, Department of Medical Education, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Affiliated Professor of Clinical Science & Education Department, Söder Hospital, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dr. Sagar V. Parikh

John F. Greden Professor of Depression and Clinical Neuroscience, Professor of Psychiatry, Associate Director of the Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center, University of Michigan, USA

Dr. Roghayeh Gandomkar

Head of Medical Education Department, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Dr. Fatemeh Soleimani

Manager of Center for Skills and Professional Training and Secretory of CME at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Dr. Niayesh Mohebbi

Master Student of Medical Education, School of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Psycho Pharmacotherapist, Roozbeh Hospital, Iran

Opening sessionDr. Amir Ali Sohrabpour5 min
Effective CPD /CMEDr. Mandana Shirazi15 min
Improving psychiatric medication use through the Michigan e-psychopharmacology course for nurse practitioners: A pre‐post/follow‐up studyDr. Niayesh Mohebbi30 min
Questions & AnswersDr. Sagar Parikh and Dr. Niayesh Mohebbi30 min
Videoconferencing Technology to Facilitate a training course in Advance Psychopharmacology for PsychiatristsDr. Sagar Parikh20 min
Question and AnswerPresenters35 min
Wrap up!Dr. Roghayeh Gandomkar15 min

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