TUMS How I Discover Online Short Course Programs

How I Discover Series (HIDS) is an educational program that advances the theme of communicating fundamental research, experimental methodologies and scientific discoveries with other academics. The program is part of “Appraise to Raise” initiative that is offered by the “Leading House for Iran-North America Academic Partnerships”. Here, scientific experts from North America will be invited to share their research, findings and discoveries with other academics, students, and interested minds around the world through an easy-to-use online platform. It is expected that this will allow the audience to become better familiar with cutting-edge technologies, facilitate dialogue and discussion, and create a collaborative spirit among the scientists.  This was realized by the kind support of the Vice-dean for Educational Affairs of International Campus at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

How I Discover New Horizons in Dentistry?

How I Discover Novel Technologies in Medical Sciences?