How I Discover Novel Technologies in Medical Sciences?

Course Description:

“How I Discover Advanced Technologies in Medicine” is an educational program that promotes communicating fundamental research, new experimental methodologies and scientific discoveries with other academics in multidisciplinary fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, molecular medicine, tissue engineering, neuroscience, and cell therapy. Here, scientific experts will be invited to share their latest research, findings and discoveries with other academics, students, and interested minds around the world through an easy-to-use online platform. Through this we aim to become familiarized with cutting-edge technologies and create a collaborative spirit among the scientists.

Course Objectives:

  • ‌Familiarizing with latest advances in technologies related to the medical field 
  • Sharing experiences with contemporary innovations
  • Q&A with the speakers

Why join the programs and study online?

This online program is a fantastic educational opportunity for medical scientists to collaborate and share their experiences and learn from experts from all over the world.

What are the aims of the program?

  1. To get familiar with cutting-edge science behind advanced medical discoveries.

  2. How to bring state-of-the-art methods into practice

  3. Discuss and have question and answer sessions with the experts in the field.

What are the learning outcomes (What will a student learn)?

  1. Will learn from experienced international experts.

  2. Will get familiar with the latest novel technologies in medicine

  3. Will broaden views in modern research objectives

What type of value/benefit will you receive?

  • You will share the latest knowledge and experiences in advanced technologies in medicine

  • You will be updated with the pioneering research and advances in novel technologies used in medicine.

  • You can benefit from Q&A sessions with experts from all over the world.

  • You will receive a certificate of attendance after the program

What are the ambitious goals of this course and what are the metrics to measure success?

To provide a unique opportunity for students, fellows and faculty members to learn from and share experiences with expert scientists and pioneers of novel technologies in the medical field.

Who are the most important audience?

This program is specially designed for medical enthusiasts who wish to know more about novel technologies in medicine. Specifically, nanotechnology, biotechnology, molecular medicine, tissue engineering, neuroscience, and cell therapy.


Certificate of participation will be awarded to the participants who have registered and attended the program.