How I Care: Critical Care & Nursing Management

Course Description:

In order to obtain up-to-date scientific evidence, international interaction is necessary. Sharing scientific knowledge and evidence at the national and international levels will lead to the production and development of evidence-based documentation.

The purpose of this program is to exchange information between different cultures and scientific levels. Care as the essence of nursing plays an important role in the profession.  The purpose of this program is to familiarize critical care nurses with care approaches in other countries.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide opportunities to share knowledge among critical care and management nurses

  • Sharing scientific evidence in critical care and management nursing

  • Sharing cross-cultural experience of critical care and management

Why join the programs and study online?

This program introduces new approaches to critical care nursing at the international levels to nurses

What are learning outcomes (what will a student learn)?

  • They get to know the latest knowledge in critical care and management nursing

  • They share their information internationally

What are the ambitious goals of this course and what are the metrics to measure success?

Providing an opportunity to exchange information between Iranian nurses and nurses from other countries is one of the goals of the program.During this process, domestic scientific findings are shared with other experts.

Who are the most important audience?

This program is designed for:

  • BSc/ MSc/ PhD Nursing student

  • BSc/ MSc/ PhD Nurses


Participation in this program is free for all the health care students and staff in different clinical settings and educational levels.

Certificate of participation will be awarded to those who attended more half of the session.

How I Care: Critical Care & Nursing Management