Industrial Postdoctoral Program


The Industrial Postdoctoral Program at TUMS was launched to train specialized and productive human resources in the field of health technology. This program is supported by the Ministry of Health. All Ph.D graduates from all universities in the country can participate in this projects. The graduates can start their postdoctoral projects once they acquire an invitation letter from a knowledge-based company and receive an approval from TUMS.


Dr. Moazeni, director of commercialization at TUMS, explained the advantages of collaboration between postdoctoral students and knowledge-based companies. These may be:

- Promoting the production development by utilizing the students' knowledge in research and development (R&D) department of company

- Potential of a continuous collaboration between the two parties at the end of program

- Acquisition of practical skills

- Promoting employment or entrepreneurship

This program began at the beginning of 2018.