Project Proposal Registration in Pajhooheshyar






Project Proposal Registration in Pajhooheshyar


Guidelines for registering your proposals in the new online registration platform (Pajhooheshyar)

Proposal submission:

The applicant chooses the type of the project (provide a services or conduct academic research) based on guidelines given by Technology Development and University Relations with Industry Management Office.

Proposals that offer services:

These projects are requested by an off-campus center such as laboratory, educational, and consulting.

Proposals that aims to conduct academic Research:

These projects aim to conduct academic research and are funded from outside of the university.

Project status: New project

1. Evaluating the project and its appendices

At this stage, all parts of the proposal including the project title, abstract, project registration, specifications of applicant(s) and colleagues, implementation method, timetable, cost table and appendices will be reviewed by the experts.

2. Project checklist

Depending on type, every proposal has to follow a check list. If the proposal does not comply with the checklist, the applicant will be notified. Once completed, the proposal will be transferred to the project's page for approval.

Project Status: Pre-approval

1. Ethics Committee

In order to shorten the process, research projects that need the approval of the Ethics Committee are sent to the University’s Ethics Committee.

2. Executive Committee of the Industry Relations Office

The evaluated projects will be submitted to the Research Industry Executive Committee which will be held in the last week of every month. The status of the projects (approved, conditional and rejected) will be then determined.

Project Status: After approval

1. Approved projects:

If the project is approved, a financial contract will be prepared and the applicant is invited to sign.

2. Conditional projects:

If the approval is conditional, the applicant will be asked to answer relevant questions regarding the proposal. The answers will be sent to a referee and they will be discussed by the Executive Committee. If the referee is not satisfied, the applicant will be notified again by a short notice.

3. Rejected projects

If the proposal is rejected, the applicant will be notified and the project will be archived.

4. Preparation of minutes

All transcriptions will be summarized.

Project Status: ready for contract

1. Contract preparation

Upon receiving an approval from the Ethics Committee, a draft of a contract will be prepared and will be sent to the applicant.

2. Issuing the Contract:

At this stage, the contract is sent to the applicant to sign after then it will be sent to sign by the director of the management and the Vice President of Research and Technology at TUMS.

3. Payment

The method of payment depends on the type of the project.

-           Payment for project that provide a service

In these projects, the entire payment is paid in one step with the approval of the employer, and these types of projects do not require supervision.

-           Payment for academic research project

For these projects, payments are made in more than one step.

The initial payment is deposited into the applicant’s account upon taking the original receipt and payment orders. Payment steps include: receiving progress and final project report, allocation of an observer, submitting monitoring report, submitting letter of credit, allocating budget, issuing document, observer approval and payment order. Project cost will be deposited into the applicant’s account according to payment order.