The purpose of this document is to explain the reviewing process of granting facilities offered by the Medical Equipment Fund.

-Domain of usage

This instruction is applicable for all commercialization and approved projects by the Technology Committee.

-Definitions and concepts

Executive: real or legal person, preferably the staff of TUMS, who is responsible for the project implementation, submitting the report and requesting payment.


The domain refers to the management of technology development and relations with industry at TUMS.

Work period:

The timespan determined according to the project for supervision, (with its beginning being computable from the first payment date). The executive is obliged to report to the management at the end of project. The work period can be increased or decreased through the written request of the executive, the approval of the supervisor and the approval of the board of directors of the fund.


Credits that the fund allocates to the project after the legal process and contract is signed (between the fund and executive). The principle and interest of the facility will be returned to the fund during the specified period of contract.


Documents provided by the project executive about how and to what extent the project will progress, will be presented at the end of the course. Payment permits are issued by the fund's supervisor and fund CEO after approval of the report.


The supervisor is responsible for continuous control and evaluation of the implementation stages and content of approved projects. This process is done by observing the progress of the project, reviewing the executive report and announcing the evaluation results to the management.

The supervisor of the project is appointed to this position by a written order of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of the TUMS.

The supervision fee will be paid from the facilities provided in accordance with the relevant instructions approved by Technology Committee at TUMS.

The process of determining the eligibility of the project:

Based on granting technology facilities executive flowchart

This instruction was approved in November 2014.