This program is designed to empower faculty members and graduates of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in the field of entrepreneurship and business startups.

"Educational goals"

It is expected that the participants will be able to:

1. Identify the principles and ways to start a health business startup and be able to use them.

2. Validate an idea properly and principally.

3. Provide a prototype or product and evaluate it along with their client.

4. Understand the different ways to find investors and attract capital for their product. Also follow the necessary steps to advance the process.

"Program Overview"

The TUMSUP program runs for at least 9 months in 3 steps.

Step 1 (Team Building):  it is done individually for 2 months (this step is defined as brainstorming and team building).

Step 2 (Validation): it is for 4 months through preparing a plan and idea validation (as team working)

Step 3 (implantation): it is for 3 months through running the startup and fundraising (via team work)

Each step ends by an event to validate the teams’ status. Also, workshop sessions and lectures are held to prepare participants at each stage.

Mentors and consultants are available to guide participant throughout the process.