Incubator center

Incubator center

Incubator centers are economic tools which support graduates with entrepreneurial spirit through preparing general facilities and help establish new startups.

One of the key roles of the Technology Development & Industrial Relationship Management is to facilitate the process of starting up through providing necessary information to newborn centers in need.

This management prepares all information related to incubator center in their application process, from signing up to getting accepted. 

The incubator centers of TUMS are:

Incubator center Current status Establishment year
Medical Supplies incubator Center Definite approval 2003
Technological Unit of Pharmaceutical Products Incubator Center Approved in principle 2003
Health Information Technology Approved in principle 2009
Technology Incubator  for Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy & Natural Products Approved in principle 2002
Dental Equipment & Biomaterials Incubator Center Definite approval 2002
Health Technology Incubator Center Approved in principle 2017
Technology Development of Export and Transfer Incubator Center Approved in principle 2018