Hodgkin Lymphomas

Dr. Herbert A. Eradat

Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor, School of Medicine, Santa Monica Cancer Care, CA, USA

As an oncologist, Dr. Eradat is trained to diagnose and treat all types and forms of cancer. Dr. Eradat may employ a variety of diagnostic tests such as biopsies, imaging tests, endoscopic tests and laboratory tests. He may offer treatment techniques such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy to combat the spread of cancer. Dr. Eradat may
also provide emotional and palliative care, ensuring patients experience the highest quality of life possible.
As a hematologist practicing in Santa Monica, Dr. Eradat is capable of diagnosing and treating patients suffering from all types of blood and blood-borne disorders. These may include conditions such as bleeding & clotting disorders, hematologic malignancies, enlarged lymph nodes or anemia. Dr. Eradat may also craft specialized treatment plans and educate patients on their specific condition(s).
The specialty of internal medicine is an area of primary care for adults. Dr. Eradat specializes in diagnosing and treating cross-system illnesses that may affect multiple organ systems. Dr. Eradat can also refer patients to specialist physicians when medically needed. For instance, patients with skin conditions may be referred to a dermatologist for further diagnostic tests or treatment plans.

Dr. Mohammad Vaezi

Associate Professor, Hematologist, Oncologist at Oncology, Hematology and Cell Therapy, Research Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences



Dr. Marjan Yaghmaie

Associate Professor, Head of Leading House for Iran-North America Academic Partnerships, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran



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