Virtual Winter School 2021 (School of Dentistry)

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Masoud Vosough

Head of Regenerative Medicine, Department of Stem Cells and Developmental Biology, Royan Institute, Iran

Prof. Dr. Saadi Khochbin

Head of "Signalling Through Chromatin" Department, in the CNRS/Inserm/Grenoble-Alpes University Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Grenoble, France

Dr. Ruby Ghaffari

Assistant Dean for Predoctoral Clinical Affairs, Assistant Professor Department of Comprehensive Care, School of Dental Medicine, TUFTS  University, USA

Prof. Dr. Sun Zhipeng

Associate Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Vice Chief of Education Department, Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology, China

Prof. Dr. Michael J. Kowolik

Executive Associate Dean, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Professor of Periodontics, School of Dentistry, Indiana University, USA

Prof. Dr. Mohammad H. Nekoofar

Associate Professor of Endodontics Department, Director of International Relations, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Dr. Simon A. Whawell

Academic Unit of Oral & Maxillofacial Medicine, Pathology & Surgery, School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield, UK

Prof. Dr. Adnan Aslam

Margalla Institute of Health Sciences, Quaid e Azam International Hospital, Ali Medical Centre, Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Rui Amaral Mendes

Adjunct Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Prof. Dr. Heikki Murtomaa

Professor and Head of the Department of Oral Public Health, University of Helsinki, Finland

Course Introduction:

As it was our yearly plan to hold summer and winter schools every year here at TUMS dental school, we have decided to follow our plan this year as well, but with a whole new structure. The routine of the program in previous years was to invite the applicants to our school, hold hands-on workshops along with presentations and cultural events. This year, due to the COVID-19 crisis, it was not possible to hold a non-virtual event; 

Therefore, we have decided to organize this event virtually. The event is run by SICoDS(Students International Committee of Dental School), which is supported by the chief of international affairs, TUMS. There are going to be lectures from pedodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, restorative dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial medicine, oral and maxillofacial pathology, community oral health, and dental biomaterials departments, along with videos of demonstrations, case presentations, student competitions, cultural panels, COVID-19 and dentistry panel and lectures of the professors from all over the world’s best universities. The program will be held on the ZOOM platform. We are also going to document all programs in the offline format in navid learning management system. The aim of this school is to connect the students worldwide, with the goals of education, collaboration and to provide the applicants with the newest knowledge available in the field of dentistry, in order that they acquire new visions and learn something besides the routine classes.

Length and Date:

This school will be held in 5 days, from February 13th to 17th 2021, including interactive lectures, case presentations, demonstrations, student competitions, cultural panels and COVID19 and dental practice panel.

Teaching Strategies:

The course will be delivered not only through interactive presentations, but also case discussions and demonstrations.

Why joins this course? and  What do you learn?

As dental students, it is recommended to experience and attend different events worldwide, in order to have collaborations with other students and professors internationally, learn from them, and be provided with new visions and clinical points aside from dental education. This can later come into practice, when these students graduate and want to embark on their journey as a dentist.

Who can apply?

  • Iranian and International Dental Students in preclinical and clinical sections

Language of Course:


Programs on This Course:

  • Opening/ closing ceremony
  • Ice Breaking
  • Cultural panels
  • Covid-19 and dentistry panel
  • Pediatric dentistry panel
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery panel
  • Restorative dentistry panel
  • Periodontics panel
  • Prosthodontics panel
  • Oral and maxillofacial medicine panel
  • Oral and maxillofacial pathology panel
  • Community oral health panel
  • Dental biomaterials panel


  • Dr. Sepideh Arab
  • Dr. Hossein Hessari
  • Dr. Farzane Farid
  • Dr. Fariba Motevasselian
  • Dr. Pouyan Aminishakib
  • Dr. Mahboube Hasheminasab
  • Dr. Mojgan Paknejad
  • Dr. Maryam Koopaei
  • Dr. Shabnam Milani
  • Dr. Sima Shahabi
  • Dr. Somayeh Niakan
  • Dr. Heliya Ziaei
  • Moein Azizi
  • Melika Zangeneh
  • Ailar Yousefbeigi

Number of Positions Offered:

  • International Students: 80 seats
  • Iranian Students: 70 seats

Tuition Fee:



The course will be held in 5 days (43 hours). In order to receive the CERTIFICATE, you are required to be present in at least 70% of the ONLINE course. In the regards of the Certificate you may contact Educational Office via




TopicTime (IrST)Time (GMT)
Opening Ceremony08:00-09:0004:30-05:30

How to write professional emails

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Masoud Vosough

Community Oral Health10:00-12:0006:30-08:30

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Sciences - An Ethical approach

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Rui Amaral Mendes


OMF Medicine (Part1)


OMF Pathology14:00-16:0010:30-12:30

TopicTime (IrST)Time (GMT)
OMF Surgery (Part1)08:00-10:0004:30-06:30

The importance of innovative thinking

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Saadi Khochbin

Community Oral Health14:00-16:0010:30-12:30

Steps to Clinical Skill development and assessment of students’ competency and proficiency, an overview of TUSDM Clinical Operations

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ruby Ghaffari


TopicTime (IrST)Time (GMT)
Dentistry and COVID19 Pandemic08:00-09:0004:30-05:30




Introduction to Chinese traditional philosophy, culture and personality

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Sun Zhipeng

OMF Medicine (Part2)12:00-14:0008:30-10:30
Dental Technology14:00-16:0010:30-12:30

Global Antibiotic Resistance: a growing concern and our responsibilities

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Michael J. Kowolik


TopicTime (IrST)Time (GMT)

Prosthodontics (Part1)


Prosthodontics (Part2)11:00-12:0007:30-08:30
OMF Surgery (Part2)12:00-14:0008:30-10:30
Dental Biomaterials14:00-16:0010:30-12:30

Ethical considerations of Endodontic accidents

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Mohammad H. Nekoofar


TopicTime (IrST)Time (GMT)

Restorative Dentistry



Pediatric Dentistry



The crucial role of basic sciences in dentistry

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Simon A. Whawell

Closing Ceremony15:00-16:0011:30-12:30

Day 1: Saturday, 13.02.2021


Opening Ceremony


Dr. Vosough


Community Oral Health (Part 1)


OMF Medicine (Part 1)


OMF Pathology


Day 2: Sunday, 14.02.2021


OMF Surgery (Part 1)




Dr. Khochbin


Community Oral Health (Part 2)


Dr. Ghaffari


Day 3: Monday, 15.02.2021


Dentistry and COVID19 Pandemic




Dr. Sun


OMF Medicine (Part 2)


Dental Technology


Dr. Kowolik


Day 4: Tuesday, 16.02.2021




OMF Surgery (Part 2)


Dental Biomaterials


Dr. Nekoofar

Day 5: Wednesday, 17.02.2021


Restorative Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry


Dr. Whawell


Closing Ceremony