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This school is the first and most distinguished School of Persian Medicine in the Middle East. During your study here, you can get high-level experience in both fields of clinical practice and research

 The School of Persian Medicine at Tehran University of Medical Sciences is the oldest and largest faculty of Persian Medicine in Iran, and since the launch of traditional medicine in Iran, which was followed by traditional pharmacy and history of medicine, this school has been the pioneer in the academic education of Persian Medicine, accepting students and training specialists. In this regard, over 200 students have been admitted to these three disciplines, more than half of whom have graduated and entered the community of specialists in this field. This school is also the leading school of research in the field of Persian medicine and has the largest production of science at the level of its corresponding faculties in the country. On the other hand, the international activities of this faculty in the field of Persian medicine have the highest level among all the active departments in this field. In the field of treatment, with 3 clinics this school has the highest coverage of Persian Medicine.


  • Traditional Persian Medicine / PhD
  • Traditional Pharmacy / PhD
  • History of Medicine / MSc, PhD


The practice and study of medicine in Iran has a long and prolific history. Many groundbreaking discoveries in the field of medicine that revolutionized the life of humankind were the result of scientific endeavors of unrepeatable Persian scientists such as Avicenna, Rhazes, Haly Abbas, Jorjani, Farabi, and Akhawayni, to name a few. To introduce and develop this scientific heritage to the medical society, SPM’s Department of Persian Medicine was officially founded in 2007 as the first of its kind in Iran.

The faculty members of this department are the most distinguished traditional and complementary medicine experts in Iran. Education and research are the fundamental responsibilities of all the members of this department. We are committed to provide the highest level of education for graduate physicians and absorbing the brightest students into a traditional medicine career. The students can access to a library covering medical and pharmaceutical texts of Persian medicine, complementary and alternative medicine and also conventional medicine references.


Traditional Pharmacy (Persian Phytopharmaceuticals) is the science of developing natural products inspired by the teachings of Persian Medicine; while observing the standards overlooking modern pharmacy. In 2008, the field of Traditional Pharmacy entered the academic system in Iran as one of the specialized fields of pharmacy and began to admit students at Ph.D. level. The Ph.D. of Traditional Pharmacy is defined as a 4-year program, two years of which is dedicated to taught courses and two years to research. Constant expansion of this discipline can be a novel step in the direction of developing natural products; considering the potential that Persian Medicine products have in treatment of chronic conditions, it can provide access to more efficacious and sometimes safer medical products.

Currently, Department of Traditional Pharmacy has a modern laboratory for formulation and standardization of natural and traditional products, as well as a bank of herbal, animal, and mineral samples popular in Persian Medicine,


 Departments of history of medicine worldwide pursue such aims as investigation into the history of medical sciences and elucidation of historical blind spots in the field of medicine to shed light world medical history as well as promote national identity in medical societies. By the same token to investigate the history of medical sciences, particularly that of Persian Medicine, SPM’s Department of History of Medicine was founded in 2013.

This department as one of the few departments of its kind in Iran offers MSc. and Ph.D. degrees in history of medicine, sabbatical and also assists students to conduct research in this field. Students and researchers can have access to a special library for history of medical sciences and required facilities for research.

Since 2017, Iranian Society for the History of Pharmacy (IrSHP) is located in the department of history of medicine as the member society of International Society for the History of Pharmacy (ISHP) (visit

TUMS School of Persian Medicine accepts international students in the following programs


History of Medical SciencesDepartment of History of Medical SciencesApply
History of Medical SciencesDepartment of History of Medical SciencesApply
Traditional PharmacyDepartment of Traditional PharmacyApply
Traditional Persian MedicineDepartment of Traditional Persian MedicineApply
Ph.D. (New Route)Basic Sciences DepartmentsApply
A General Overview of Persian Medicine and Traditional PharmacyDepartment of Persian Medicine, Traditional Pharmacy, and History of MedicineApply
Persian Medicine Spring SchoolDepartment of History of Medical SciencesApply
Persian Medicine Winter SchoolDepartment of History of Medical SciencesApply

Research Interests

• Clinical Trial on Herbal Medicine

• Animal Research on Herbal Medicine

• Endocrinology and Diabetes

• Application of Technology in Traditional Medicine

The School’s research programs are meant to promote clinical trials, experimental sciences, and applied research to find more evidence for persian medicine and alternative medicine.

Administration Board

To facilitate services in the school, there are deputies and management centers in the school. You can find the list of Administration Board and a short description of deputies of SPM as follow:

Dean of School

Roja Rahimi; Pharm.D., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Traditional Pharmacy

Vice Dean for Education

Laila Shirbeigi; M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Persian Medicine

Vice Dean for Research

Mehrdad Karimi; M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Persian Medicine

Vice Dean for International Affairs

Roodabeh Bahramsoltani; Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Traditional Pharmacy

Vice Dean for Students and Cultural Affairs

Laila Shirbeigi; M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Persian Medicine

Director of Education Development Office

Nargess Sadati; Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Pharmacognosy

All interested applicants are welcome to apply to TUMS by completing and submitting TUMS online application form in which they need to specify their school, level, and major of interest.


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Address: No. 27, North Sarparast St., West Taleghani St., Tehran, Iran.

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Traditional and Integrative Medicine

Traditional and Integrative Medicine is an international quarterly open access peer-reviewed journal of School of Traditional Medicine published on behalf of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. This journal covers all scientific aspects of traditional, complementary and integrative medicines including history, chemistry, pharmacology, molecular mechanism, proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, safety, quality control, and clinical trial. All type of studies including original researches, reviews, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, short communications, case reports, letters and editorials from the scientists in all over the worlds are welcome to this journal. Traditional and Integrative Medicine is indexed and abstracted in: Scopus, DOAJ, EBSCO, Academic Keys, Google Scholar, Cite Factor, Magiran, and World Cat.

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