Multiple Sclerosis Research Center





MS Research Center getting started since September 23, 2009 with the aim of producing, development and promotion of science and technology in the field of MS. 
It has been started working only with one neurology attend with MS fellowship, one nurse, one general practitioner and one secretory. 
Finally, with regard to the activities of the MS Research Center and the increase in the publications, the Center was finally approval from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education on July 9, 2013.
Now a day we have 2 MS fellowship attends, 2 MS fellow students, 1 PHD by research student, 2 neurologists, 1 GP, 1 psychologist, 2 research assistants, 3 nurses,3 secratery, and numbers of students and researchers who have collaboration with our center.



Strategic Plan

MS Research Center is committed to the following principles:

  • Respect for ethics and human rights of patients in all aspects of the investigations.
  • Conduct research and publish their results for the benefit of policy makers, scientists, industry and society.
  • Evidence-based solutions to MS and assess their performance.
  • Supply scientific evidence and active participation for the strengthening health system policies on MS.
  • Human resource development researcher.
  • Preparation of conditions for participation, innovation and teamwork of the human resources.
  • Access to science and technology, evaluation, localization and application of it.
  • Optimal use of funds and materials for improved efficiency.
  • Achievement to the latest information on the use of modern technology.
  • Attempt to expand and strengthen the relationship with other research centers inside and abroad as an important factor for progression.



Specific objectives to 1404   Priority areas
  • Obtaining pole position and leading research and science in the country &region.
  • Publishing 4 research papers per year per expert person in international journals.
  • Running at least 20 major research projects.
  • Applied the 3 research projects.
  • Training specialist in field of MS.
  • Researches by using new technologies.
  • Impact of environmental factors on MS.



Internatinal Collaboration


The collaboration is the greatest effort to date targeting on speeding research and internationalization of research is one of priorities in MS research center.

The MS research center currently has collaboration in research and education with many universities worldwide.

As international cooperation and agreement is the requisite of constructing a dynamic environment for sharing information and knowledge, we have agreement that covers the crucial elements of cooperation with centers/individuals who are responsible for implementing international research, education, and collaboration.

To date, MS center international collaborators has been published several articles in Neurology, epidemiology, public health, demography, statistics, and country-specific knowledge to determine National and Global Burden of Diseases (GBD).

As well as national MS registry based on networks of clinical neurologists, epidemiologist, geneticist, nurses etc., and MS researchers are a solid basis for the development of quality standards for clinical care for MS patients.

In addition the acceptance of outstanding foreign professors with outstanding academic and research qualities as a visiting professor has also been one of plan of this center.


Contact us

Address: MS research center,sina hospital,hassan abad squre

Phone and fax:               66348571



Last Update At : 09 July 2019