School of Medicine School has comprehensive programs on clinical sciences covering M.D., residency (specialty), and fellowship programs.



In 1849, the first modern class of Medicine at Dar-ol-Fonoon School was founded, and the pioneering graduates started the practice of modern medicine in 1856. In 1918, Dar-ol-Fonoon was renamed to College of Medicine, and in 1934 it turned into the School of Medicine of the University of Tehran.

Now, it has 39 departments (covering basic and clinical sciences). It has an unrivalled number of 1052 faculty members, and 17 hospitals are affiliated to the School. The school trains around 10,000 students in over 100 postgraduate and medical programs. Currently, the school has more than 400 international students.

The School has comprehensive programs on clinical sciences covering M.D., Residency (Specialty & Sub-specialty), and fellowship programs. It offers versatile graduate degrees (M.Sc., MPH & Ph.D.) in basic sciences as well. Faculty members are recognized as the leading clinicians and scientists of the country, not only in terms of didactic training but also in clinical skills transfer, role-modeling, and research mentoring.  

The School is committed to innovation in education, research excellence, ethics and integrity, and comprehensive clinical services, specifically the most challenging clinical scenarios.

Adult Hematology and OncologyDepartment of Internal MedicineApply
Allergy and ImmunologyDepartment of PediatricsApply
CardiologyDepartment of CardiologyApply
Cardiovascular SurgeryDepartment of SurgeryApply
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry SurgeryDepartment of PsychiatryApply
Endocrinology and MetabolismDepartment of Internal MedicineApply
Gastroenterology and HepatologyDepartment of Internal MedicineApply
Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine(Neonatology)Department of PediatricsApply
NephrologyDepartment of Internal MedicineApply
Pediatric CardiologyDepartment of PediatricsApply
Pediatric Endocrinology and MetabolismDepartment of PediatricsApply
Pediatric GastroenterologyDepartment of PediatricsApply
Pediatric Hematology and OncologyDepartment of PediatricsApply
Pediatric Infectious DiseasesDepartment of PediatricsApply
Pediatric NephrologyDepartment of PediatricsApply
Pediatric PulmonologyDepartment of PediatricsApply
Pediatric RheumatologyDepartment of PediatricsApply
Pediatric SurgeryDepartment of SurgeryApply
Plastic SurgeryDepartment of PediatricsApply
Pulmonary MedicineDepartment of Internal MedicineApply
RheumatologyDepartment of Internal MedicineApply
Thoracic SurgeryDepartment of SurgeryApply
AnesthesiologyDepartment of AnesthesiologyApply
CardiologyDepartment of CardiologyApply
Community MedicineDepartment of Community MedicineApply
DermatologyDepartment of DermatologyApply
Emergency MedicineDepartment of Emergency MedicineApply
Family MedicineDepartment of Family MedicineApply
Forensic MedicineDepartment of Forensic MedicineApply
General SurgeryDepartment of SurgeryApply
Infectious Diseases and Tropical MedicineDepartment of GeriatricsApply
Internal MedicineDepartment of Internal MedicineApply
NeurologyDepartment of NeurologyApply
Neurosurgery (Neurological Surgery)Department of NeurosurgeryApply
Nuclear MedicineDepartment of Nuclear MedicineApply
Obstetrics and GynecologyDepartment of Obstetrics and GynecologyApply
Occupational MedicineDepartment of Occupational MedicineApply
OphthalmologyDepartment of Ophthalmology Apply
OrthopedicsDepartment of Orthopedics Apply
Otorhinolaryngology Head Neck SurgeryDepartment of Orthopedic SurgeryApply
PathologyDepartment of PathologyApply
PediatricsDepartment of PediatricsApply
Physical Medicine and RehabilitationDepartment of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Apply
PsychiatryDepartment of PsychiatryApply
RadiotherapyDepartment Of RadiologyApply
Sports MedicineDepartment Of Sports MedicineApply
UrologyDepartment of UrologyApply
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS)Clinical DepartmentsApply
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)Clinical DepartmentsApply
Life Sciences (B.Sc)Basic Sciences DepartmentsApply
Ageing HealthAgeing healthApply
Anatomical Sciences Department of AnatomyApply
Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectric)Department of Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectric) Apply
Clinical PsychologyDepartment of Clinical PsychologyApply
Human GeneticsDepartment of Human GeneticsApply
Medical EducationDepartment of Medical EducationApply
Medical ImmunologyDepartment of Medical ImmunologyApply
Medical PhysicsDepartment of Medical PhysicsApply
Medical VirologyDepartment of Medical VirologyApply
PhysiologyDepartment of PhysiologyApply
Anatomical Sciences Department of AnatomyApply
Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectric)Department of Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectric) Apply
Clinical PsychologyDepartment of Clinical PsychologyApply
Exercise PhysiologyDepartment of PhysiologyApply
Medical BacteriologyDepartment of Microbiology Apply
Medical EducationDepartment of Medical EducationApply
Medical EthicsDepartment of Medical EthicsApply
Medical GeneticsDepartment of Medical GeneticsApply
Medical ImmunologyDepartment of Medical ImmunologyApply
Medical PhysicsDepartment of Medical PhysicsApply
Medical VirologyDepartment of Medical VirologyApply
Ph.D. (New Route)Basic Sciences DepartmentsApply
ART(Cryopreservation of sperm, embryo, oocyte)Department of Anatomy-
ART(emen analysis and sperm function)Department of Anatomy-
ART(ICSI)Department of Anatomy-
ART(IVF and gamete manipulation)Department of Anatomy-
Clinical and histopathological features of common skin diseasesRazi HospitalApply
Fetal Cardiology and EchocardiographyChildrens Medical Center, Pediatrics Center of ExcellenceApply
Mesenchyme Stem cell isolation and cultureDepartment of Anatomy-
Percutaneous NephrolithotomyUrology Research CenterApply
Reproductive Endocrinology and FertilityReproductive Health Research CenterApply
Breast Disease SurgeryDepartment of Breast Disease Surgery Apply
Clinical Cardiac ElectrophysiologyDepartment of Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Apply
Clinical HIV/AIDSDepartment of Clinical HIV/AIDS Apply
Clinical ToxicologyDepartment of Clinical ToxicologyApply
Colorectal surgeryDepartment of Colorectal surgeryApply
Congenital Cardiac SurgeryDepartment of Congenital Cardiac Surgery Apply
Cornea and Anterior SegmentDepartment of Cornea and Anterior Segment   Apply
Cornea and External Eye Diseases Department of Cornea and External Eye DiseasesApply
Critical Care MedicineDepartment of Critical Care MedicineApply
CytopathologyDepartment of PathologyApply
DermatopathologyDepartment of DermatopathologyApply
EchocardiographyDepartment of EchocardiographyApply
Endoscopic GynecologyDepartment of Endoscopic Gynecology Apply
EndourologyDepartment of EndourologyApply
Female Pelvic Floor Medicine and SurgeryDepartment of Female Pelvic Floor Medicine and SurgeryApply
GlaucomaDepartment of Glaucoma Apply
Gynecology OncologyDepartment of Gynecology OncologyApply
Hand SurgeryDepartment of Hand Surgery Apply
Infectious Diseases in Immunocompromised Hosts and TransplantationDepartment of Infectious Diseases in Immunocompromised Hosts and TransplantationApply
InfertilityDepartment of InfertilityApply
Interventional CardiologyDepartment of Interventional CardiologyApply
Interventional RadiologyDepartment of Interventional RadiologyApply
Kidney Transplantation SurgeryDepartment of Kidney Transplantation Surgery Apply
LaryngologyDepartment of LaryngologyApply
Maternal Fetal MedicineDepartment of Maternal Fetal MedicineApply
Molecular Pathology and CytogeneticsDepartment of Molecular Pathology and CytogeneticsApply
NeuroanesthesiaDepartment of NeuroanesthesiaApply
Neurovascular InterventionDepartment of Neurovascular InterventionApply
Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryDepartment of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Apply
Otology -NeurotologyDepartment of Otology NeurotologyApply
PainDepartment of PainApply
Palliative MedicineDepartment of Palliative MedicineApply
Pediatric Clinical NeurophysiologyDepartment of Pediatric Clinical NeurophysiologyApply
Pediatric DermatologyDepartment of Pediatric DermatologyApply
Pediatric Interventional Congenital Cardiology FellowshipChildrens Medical Center, Pediatrics Center of ExcellenceApply
Pediatric NeurosurgeryDepartment of Pediatric NeurosurgeryApply
Pediatric OrthopedicsDepartment of Pediatric Orthopedics Apply
Pediatric Stem Cell TransplantChildrens Medical Center, Pediatrics Center of ExcellenceApply
Pediatric UrologyDepartment of Pediatric Urology  Apply
Prevention and Control of Nosocomial InfectionsDepartment of Prevention and Control of Nasocomial InfectionsApply
Psychosomatic MedicineDepartment of Psychosomatic MedicineApply
PsychotherapyDepartment of PsychotherapyApply
RhinologyDepartment of RhinologyApply
Sleep MedicineDepartment of Sleep Medicine Apply
Spinal SurgeryDepartment of Spinal SurgeryApply
Surgery of the KneeDepartment of Surgery of the Knee Apply
Uro-OncologyDepartment of Uro-Oncology Apply
Vascular SurgeryDepartment of Vascular SurgeryApply
Vitreo-RetinalDepartment of Vitreo-Retinal Apply
Breast Cancer SurgeryDepartment of Breast Cancer SurgeryApply
Short Term in Uropathology (Genitourinary Pathology)Short Term in Uropathology (Genitourinary Pathology)Apply
Skull Base SurgeryDepartment of Neurosurgery   Apply
Spine surgeryDepartment of Neurosurgery   Apply

Contact Person

Dr. Nima Rezaei, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice-Dean of International Affairs


Tel.: (+98 21) 8898 9487       

Fax: (+98 21) 6405 3431

Address: International Relations Office, Medical School, PourSina St., Tehran, 1417613151, Iran.